April 20th, 2010

Let’s get preachy…

Many of you know that my faith in Christ is a huge part of my life. Let me assure you before I go on that I know that this is not the case for everyone in our gym so I’ll try not to get too bible thump-ish (I love making up new words). So I’m sitting in church on Sunday and the pastor comes to 1 Cor. 6:20 where it says to “honor God with your body.” Always keeping you all in the forefront of my mind as you might expect, I thought that this was just begging for a blog post! Well, this concept is actually what has helped me develop my philosophy for our gym regarding nutrition and exercise. This is why we only eat “real food” right? It is much closer to the way it was given to us. This is why the “real life” nature of the movements we do are so appealing to me. Oddly enough, these are both the best way to obtaining the healthiest, fittest you. Hmm. Coincidence? I think not. But beyond those core elements what are other ways to use your body in a redemptive manner? I can tell you the support that the 12:30 class showed as the last couple athletes were finishing their WODs today was truly emotional for me. Yes, I could have cried. Remember, crying is ok in our gym, just don’t be a baby! The attitudes you all bring to our cramped little garage is truly a gift. The tenacity with which you hit each WOD is definitely a way of honoring what you have been given. The patience to let your body heal when it is injured is another great example. We are not supposed to walk around broken. These are just a few tangible ways I have seen you all bring that spirit of honor into our gym, and they make being your coach a true joy. Being able to move and exercise is a privilege. Being able to do CrossFit is an even bigger privilege. Hanging out with great people is the biggest privilege. Continue to enjoy and make the most of these opportunities daily! Post other ways to use your body honorably to comments.

AM Class

For time:

150 Double Unders

30 Thrusters 135# (85#)

30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
PM Classes

Happy rest day!


14 Responses

  1. Joey- Talking good and not saying bad words and talking about God. No WOD today.

    Jeff- Keeping a smiley back during deadlifts.
    6:45 rxd

    2T- Get enough sleep. Then you’re not a grumpy mommy/wife.
    11:04 rxd

  2. 2T again- Drinking Kombucha when you are pregnant and you have heart burn. Its miraculous.

  3. 14:40 w/ 95lb thrusters (taking it easy on the back)

  4. Apprecation. I feel lucky to live my life and appreciate everyone in it. As Jeff mentioned the 12:30 class yesterday, I was one of the last two athletes to finish last, I really appreciated everyone cheering me to the end. Double high fives to Charity and Ryan. Charity, I really appreciated how you coached me through grabbing weights through all the way to the end, and Ryan, it didn’t dawn on me until this morning that you finished, probably passed out for a sec, then sat up and literally got me through my last DL’s and box jumps. Just that little bit of encouragement truely got me through those rounds.

    One thing I appreciate about our gym is that I genuinely feel everyone wants everyone else to succeed.

  5. Jeff – Jeremiah told me that you wanted us to post our times for this WOD, but first let me tell you that I admire your post.

    Loren – 9:37, Rx’d

    I will add other times from Kirkland CrossFit later in the day.

  6. Jesse – Always treat others the way I want to be treated. Even when its sometimes hard to.

    6:18 rx’d

    MIchelle – serve joyfully – whether it be changing an endless amount of diapers, doing never ending laundry or preparing the 6th and final meal of the day : ) Doing everything to glorify to Him!!!

    Did: 3 rounds of 800m run, 21 pushups in 20:00.

  7. Thanks Loren and nice work! That is a great time. Did you guys do the double under one today? Can’t wait to see other times from your gym.

  8. Jeff- we are doing this one today and the muscle up one tomorrow.
    6:35 rx
    need more ctb pull ups in my wods. thanks for the motivation.

  9. Jeff – Yes we did the Double under WOD today.

    Michelle Hansson 13:20
    Walt Winter 11:40
    Mike Terry 17:49
    Allison King 9:54
    Tish Brown 13:55
    Devon Uderitz 14:22
    Scott H.(?) 14:37
    Scott Estes 12:28

    These were all the people who Rx’d the double under/thruster/c2b WOD today. I hear that Jer is doing it at the Fire Station and will post his score on your site as well.

    Good luck at the Regionals!


  10. 6:35 rx. Need more ctb pull ups

  11. What a wonderful post Jeff! I was so amazed by the delightful spirit of your beautiful wife when we got a chance to visit at the Oly cert. Apparently that spirit runs in the entire Vale family. I can’t wait to get a chance to do a wod with all of you someday. As far as cramped garages go, I get goosebumps on a daily basis in our little space watching people push themselves beyond what they thought possible. Something to be said for a close-knit group, I think. Oh and let Charity know that I PR’d with a 95.8# snatch — triple digits here I come!
    We’re doing the DL/box jump wod tomorrow. And we’ll be sure to post our results, although I’m not feeling like I’ll be putting up an impressive time. DL’s are my true weakness. I’m awful slow and careful due to a back injury last year. Take care!

  12. Beautifully worded, Jeff. I love how you came to this realization and I’m gad you shared it with the rest of us. Thank you.

  13. Brady and Lori,
    Thanks for the kind words. Great to hear from you guys. Keep rockin’ it down south. No matter how tight our garage gets you two are welcome here anytime!

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