April 23rd, 2010

Life Just Got Better for You Part 1: Meet Jesse

It is with great pleasure that I officially introduce the newest members of our CFS Team. Meet the Disch family. Jesse, Michelle and family will be an integral part of the future of CFS beginning in the very near future. He brings with him a wealth of experience, training, integrity and coaching ability and most importantly a huge heart for people. A few of you will have had a chance to meet him in the garage. If you have not, you will be seeing him more and more in the next couple months. He won’t tell you this, but on top of all his coaching gifts he is a crazy athlete that will be competing at the NW Regional May 15th and 16th and has a truly legitimate shot at securing one of the 3 coveted spots from our six state region to go to the 2011 CrossFit Games in Aromas, CA. Check out his bio below.

CF Level 1 Certified                           CF Kettlebell Certified

CF Level 2 Certified                           CF Running and Endurance Certified

CF Basic Barbell Certified                 ACE Certified

CF Level 1 Nutrition Certified

I started Crossfit in October of 2006. Before that I was a competitive bodybuilder with power lifting as my main style of training. I have been very involved in fitness for the past 10 years and have gotten the best results, by far, from training with the Crossfit program.

I grew up in a family that loved sports and I played football, baseball, and I wrestled since I was young. My sports career stopped when I left high school so I could pursue my desire to become a Firefighter. I was hired at the Woodinville Fire Department shortly after I started college and  have been working there since.

I have always loved training people. I believe that working out, no matter what style, should always be done in the most safe and efficient way possible and that’s how I train.  With proper technique and intensity along with a great attitude and solid nutrition, an individual’s health and fitness lifestyle can be transformed.

Crossfit is mentally and physically challenging, but also very fun. I am extremely blessed to be involved in such a great fitness program and I have seen many lives changed because of it. If you think that this program isn’t for you because you have a limited physical background just remember, “a professional built the Titanic, but a beginner built the Ark”.

All Classes

21-15-9 reps of:

225 pound Deadlift

53 pound One arm Overhead squat-Right

53 pound One arm Overhead squat-Left

Post time to comments.


6 Responses

  1. Welcome Jesse – looking forward to working with you and for all that is ahead for Crossfit Snohomish…

    Crossfit Snohomish is the best Crossfit family to be a part of.

  2. Outstanding! Welcome Jesse! I am looking forward to you telling me I have “Flexibility Issues” Just when I thought CFS could not get any better. I can’t wait for part two……..

  3. Congrats on the addition to CFS. You guys are rock solid.

  4. Jesse- Welcome to the family!! I don’t know if CrossFit Snohomish could have gotten any better…but it just did! You will be a great addition to the gym and we are all looking forward to having you destroy us!!!

  5. Hey guys,

    Couldn’t make it to class today so the WOD had to be done at the local gym;(
    Dumbbells replaced Kettlebells since they weren’t available…

    Deadlifts – 205lbs PR
    Overhead dumbbell squat – 40lbs
    Time – 15:33

    * First time doing the OHS w/dumbbells so I struggled a bit with stabilizing the darn thing over my head while going for a full squat. Next time, I plan on dropping maybe 5-10lbs on the OHS w/ DB to focus on technique so I can go a bit below parallel..*

    See you all on Monday!!!!

    Looking forward to working out with you , Jesse!! Welcome;)

  6. Halee,
    Nice work getting it done on your own. Outstanding!

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