May 31st, 2010

We’ve got pull ups…and lots of em!

The masterpiece.

The kids give it a go.

The workers get to have fun too.

Before I get into the particulars of the pull up bar itself I would like to give a huge thank you to Casey and Ryan (and their lovely wives for loaning them to me) for their help with this project. Without their skill, expertise, tools and help this project would have been a near impossibility for me. Thank you guys. Your generosity will bless many people in a very tangible way.

Now onto the details. The signature of any CrossFit box is the pull up bar. It is really the only immovable structure in the place. Other than that, just give us somewhere to throw our weights around. Because it is such a staple lots of thought and care goes into the planning and construction. There are a variety of ways to skin this cat and every affiliate has opinions about what is the best. I think what we ended up with gives us a lot of versatility, a good use of space and what hopefully will prove to be a bomb proof apparatus that can handle the most violent of kippers! The ten bars along the front range from 7-8 feet in height with the three tallest bars being 4 feet in length and the rest being 3 feet long.  The bars going back toward the wall are 4 feet long and are set at about 9′ 8″ and should be tall enough for people to do muscle ups from. The top of the horizontal 2×4 along the back wall is 9’10” tall, conveniently set for our guys to throw the  ball above for a clean 10 foot shot. Our ladies will be shooting just below it.

A side note…based on team consensus from our work crews that helped with the flooring and the pull up bars  we have come to a very important decision regarding the quality of workmanship. And yes, all the workers definitely earned the right to have a say in this. If anyone makes any sort of brilliant comment regarding the straightness of posts on the pull up structure or a slight gap in the rubber floor mats in places (not that there are any of these issues and if there were it would be because of the blasted inconsistency and lack of care taken by the concrete guys when when pouring the floor, and not because of anything we did, right?) we will invoke what we are calling the “Your an idiot for saying that-50 burpees” rule. The title of this new rule is pretty much self explanatory. You think I’m kidding, huh?! Again, not that there are any such issues anyway!

Anyone who can stay after the WOD for the move from 1.0 to 2.0 we would love your help. We are hoping to have it done in less than two hours.

9 AM Final WOD at CFS 1.0!

Happy Memorial Day!

Click here, scroll down to FAQ section 4.2 and pick your favorite Hero WOD to do!

Post selection and time to comments.


5 Responses

  1. Very Nice, cant wait to see Casey get his Muscle Ups on the proper “Casey Size” bars. Wish I had been in town to help.

  2. Happy Memorial Day to everyone!!! I got a little over zealous today and wanted to do “Arnie”. IT WAS NOT FUN!!! 28:17 with a 35# KB. 70#’s is crazy talk.

  3. So fun to see the new building and all of my cfs friends! Great job on all the PU bars and mats. No gaps and the bars looked absolutely perfect!! No extra burpees for me!! 🙂

  4. Michael 26:06

  5. Randy: 5:35

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