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June 10th, 2010


Rapadura is an unrefined sweetener. It fits well with our “real food” approach to nutrition. It is cane juice that has been dehydrated and then ground into a powder. Unlike other sweeteners it is not thickened in a centrifuge, separated and then re-thickened and finally divided from its naturally occurring molasses. This lack of processing leaves all the minerals such as silica and iron in tact and readily usable. Now remember it is still a sweetener. With sweeteners comes sugar and with sugar comes insulin. We know insulin is our primary fat storage hormone so if you are still working on leaning out any sweetener, even a healthy on like Rapadura, must be used in strict moderation.

All Classes

5 rounds for max reps of:

1 minute Back Squat

1 minute Ring dips

Post loads for back squat and total reps to comments.


4 Responses

  1. Did the following travel WOD this morning:

    I ran the stairs from floor 1 in my hotel to floor 41 (the top). Every 4th floor I stopped and did 5 pushups. My time: 7:40

  2. Nice WOD Casey. Good creativity in the space available to you. Doesn’t take much to get one in. Hope all is well and you are having fun down there.

  3. 65# 130 total reps

  4. […] Celtic Sea Salt. Small bowl…baked acorn squash. Smothered with grass-fed organic butter and rapadura. Drink…Kombucha (high in glucaronic acid, a powerful antioxidant, and […]

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