June 12th, 2010

Dave’s Anniversary WOD!

Dave is world class when it comes to enthusiasm. When he jumps in it is always with both feet. Well, this enthusiasm has paid off over the last year. Today Dave went back and repeated his first WOD ever.  He repeated it exactly as he did the first time. The WOD was as follows:

3 Rounds for time of:

6 Jumping pull ups (he is kipping these days)

15 Wall ball shots

6 Sumo deadlift high pulls

A year ago this WOD took him a little over 12 minutes and he was destroyed. Today he did it in 2:27 took a 5 minute rest and blasted out two rounds of “Paul.” Now that is what hard work and CrossFit can do for you. Nice work Dave. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Can’t wait to see what the next year holds for you!

9 AM Class

Three rounds for time of:
135 pound Hang power cleans, 15 reps
15 Burpees

Post time to comments.


5 Responses

  1. Yay Dave! That is amazing. I wish I could have been there to watch you.

  2. 2;25? You serious?!!!! MASSIVE, Dave!!!! Keep up the good work!

  3. Nice work, Dave!

  4. Rx’d: 9:12

  5. Great job, Dave!

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