June 18th, 2010

The Warrior Series: Tom’s Battlefield

The other day Tom walked into the gym carrying the bent up rebar pictured above. He said, “Well, it looks like CrossFit works.” The story goes like this. He’s out in the middle of Lake Sammamish in his boat with his daughter and her boyfriend.The next sequence of event are not totally clear to me, but I am assuming it involved a horrid cluck and the propeller coming to a screeching halt. What happened next I do know. Tom dove into the icy water and went under the boat to investigate. He found this piece of rebar wrapped multiple times around the prop. He came back up for air. What to do…? What any good CrossFitter would do. Solve the problem. Down he went again. Holding his breath as long as he could he began unraveling the cold, hard steel from his beloved prop. Back up for air. Back down again. one breath at a time, one turn at a time under Tom’s relentless, unyielding grip the metal came loose. Best of all, when Tom brought it up and the boyfiriend had a look at it, and gave it a tug realizing how strong the metal was, he looked at Tom with awe in his eyes (my artistic license taken there) and said “You bent that with your hands?” Now that is functional fitness in real life at its best. Could Tom have done this pre-CrossFit? Maybe, Maybe not. Probably the bigger question is, would he have had the confidence and guts to even attempt it? The challenges we face everyday make us tougher than steel (literally) both physically, and maybe even more importantly, mentally. Tom is a bad man we all know that. We see it everyday. The other day lake Sammamish and a cold piece of rebar became his battlefield and asked him to prove it. He did.

Thanks for making CFS your home Tom. You and the whole Duffy crew are a huge blessing to us all.

Post thoughts on how much Tom rocks to comments.

All Classes

Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to here.


11 Responses

  1. You rock Tom! I’m glad the story didn’t go that you had to swim the boat back in!

  2. If Tom & Chuck Norris ever got into it.. I would bet my whole life savings on Tom..

    Tom was once involved in a knife fight, and the knife lost.

    In all seriousness, The way you took initiative & manhandled that rebar was probably the manliest thing ever!!! Way to represent CFS!

    True definition of gangster, Tom… The rebar never stood a chance.

  3. I would have sent the boyfriend down after the rebar.

  4. Nice job Tom!!!!

  5. I thought Superman was the only guy who could bend metal! Way to save the family!

  6. Way to go Tom!! That is super impressive!!! Halee, I must admit, I immediately thought of Chuck too, and how proud he would be.

    Glenn, since we both have daughters I thought your comment was especially hilarious!!

    105lb max (3 reps) on the front squat

  7. Had to do this one @ the local gym:
    Worked up to & Completed 3 reps @ 175lbs. Attempted another set @ 180lbs, but failed on 2nd rep. Reset bar & completed a single @ 180lbs. Previous PR – 175lbs for 1 rep

    Marie – Yeah, Tom would probably be one of the very few to receive a “thumbs up” from Chuck Norris…Now THAT’S elite..

  8. How fortuitous that happened in front of the boyfriend. There is no way that guy is ever letting anything happen to Tom’s daughter. He’d be too afraid that Tom would work him the same way he worked that rebar.

    255lb X 3 max set today on front squat

  9. Jeff is as adept at his words as he is at his wods! A bit over the top maybe, but then again so are some of the workouts. 🙂 People doing crazy stuff like Halee doing his pullup bar muscle up!

    As Jeff remembers, I came into this over a year ago with pretty weak shoulders, so I’d venture to guess that I wouldn’t have been able to pry that rebar off. But even more so it was that chipper attitude of just looking at the situation and saying “oh, this is going be a tough one” and then just dive in (literally and figuratively in this case) and start chipping away at it.

    The Vales have built a wonderful community here and I’m so glad I can be a part of it. (Even if I do have endure some Chuck Norris comments!)

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