June 25th, 2010

All Classes


Five rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

Post times to comments.

We will be saying “3,2,1 Go!” exactly 10 minutes after class starts for this WOD. You won’t need a huge warm up for these movements and this will give people the best chance to get through 5 rounds. This is a long one with all the rest in there.

Compare to here and here..


15 Responses

  1. Had the great pleasure of suffering through this WOD with the 5:30am peeps.. Awesome job, Marie & the fellas!!!


  2. I decided to scale to 4 rounds if I got into the 8 min. per round range, which I did the third round.
    4 rounds in 36:49 (4:42, 6:18, 8:40, 8:09)

    Previous Barbara I got through the first 4 rounds in 37:19. I want to shoot for 4 rounds in under 32-34 min. before I go for five full rounds again.

    Halee you rock! Good job knocking out a full 5 round Barbara!

    • Finally got to meet both you & Shawn.. Those push ups of yours were as fierce as Shawn’s Squats!

  3. 4 rounds: 32:43

  4. Halee-First rxd Barbara @ CFS!! Nice work.

  5. 35’20” for 4 rounds with a nice big green band assist on the pull-ups.
    Though I’m finally starting (at least in part) to get the kipping pull up. My pull up sets got faster with each round.
    Impressed by everyone at the 5:30 class. All of those unassisted pull-ups (80-100!) and Marie burning her previous time.

  6. 32:11 4 rounds

    scaled green band (so I could compare to previous babs)
    knee push ups

  7. 27:24 for 3 rounds. I sprinted my last round to try and PR my previous time (3 min.13 sec PR), but now that I read everyone else’s times I wish I had continued more rounds. I guess next time.

    I switched to Jenny O push ups– they got me through my last 2 rounds. Love them! Watch out, Jenny O, I may become your new stalker.

  8. Ryan rx’d Barbara today as well with a time of 38:19!

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