July 8th, 2010

What are you preparing for?

These videos were shared with me by our good friend J-Ro up at CrossFit All In. I was crackin’ up when I saw these. Mostly I just wanted to share the humor with you all, but lets use them to start a conversation. These videos detail the mundane, less than rigorous nature of the average dad or mom’s life in America. CrossFit is supposed to prepare us for life outside the gym, right?.  Do we really need to do Murph to be prepared for the average “Dad Life or “Mommy Rhapsody?” So why do we CrossFit? Is it more extreme than is necessary to be prepared for what most of us face in daily life? What are you preparing for with CrossFit? Why do you CrossFit? How does your max effort Snatch relate to folding laundry? Does a 10# PR on your Total help you edge the grass better? This conversation could be bad for business, I realize this, but I want to hear your thoughts. Why CrossFit?

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100 double unders for time.

Compare to here.


14 Responses

  1. To destroy our enemies and look better while doing it.

  2. I have always struggled with an exercise regiment that kept my interest, Crossfit’s Constantly varied schedule has kept my interest for almost two years now and I still look forward to it everyday. Biking, Hiking, Precor Elipticals, Hoist H310 Home Gym, Globo membership, etc. I have tried them all and quickly got bored. I love the community, friends and common interest with those you meet at the gym as well. Why do I Crossfit? I don’t want some other dude raising my girls because I am not around, I also want to be there to walk them down the aisle when they are 30 and get married.

  3. CF is a confidence booster. I feel like if I can make it through an Eva or Murph then I can certainly make it through my parenting woes, household chores, and other struggles life throws at you. It also helps me feel somewhat normal carrying around this extra baby weight. There are actually times that I forget I’m pregnant. I’m quickly reminded of my size of course, when I have to bend down and pick something up or I bump into the girls for the hundredth time of the day or I roll over in bed! When I’m not slow and pregnant I appreciate CF so much for the variety. If I ever face a WOD with displeasure I remind myself that the alternative of long slow cardio really stinks and I’d much rather be doing the WOD I’m faced with. I feel much more in control of my body too. Way more agile and mobile then with anything I’ve done in the past except maybe when I was a gymnast in my early teens.

  4. Got up to 120 on the snatch. Failed a few times at that weight before finally getting it. 5lb PR.

    100 DUs – 1:52

  5. The fact that functional movements are what we do is what sold me on Crossfit. Yes we do need them in the Mom Rhapsody of life. Squatting down to wipe a runny nose, dead lifting a sleeping child, jumping up onto a wall to save a daughter who’s intent on learning the balance beam. running after a dog who wants to chase a car, power snatching that load of toys to put on the top shelf to see if the kids would miss them before they are donated, are all things that are made easier through training with Crossfit. Not to mention the sad fact that none of us are getting younger each day. We need to fight and train to maintain or improve function so that we have a longer and better quality of life when our children get married and grandchildren come along.

  6. Why do I do Crossfit?
    I can honestly say that in 2 1/2 years of doing Crossfit with the Vales, I very rarely (probably less than 5 times) have not wanted to come to class, even if we are running or doing something I know I don’t like. It is a challenge and dare I say it, is fun. I like to see what I can do – what max weight I can lift. I’m sure most of never really knew how strong we are or what we are capable of doing.
    Probably doesn’t hurt that we have the best trainers and clients.
    It is a fun place to be!!!

  7. 62# snatch (7# pr) 6:52 -DUs

    I started crossfitting to be able to run a marathon, I was really happy with the results it provided in just a few short months. I continue to crossfit because I really appreciate the varied workouts which still prepare me for longer runs. When I hop out for a 10k it’s no prob and I’m able to go back to our CF workout without any problems. Though I still have a soft spot in my heart for long, slow, hours of running I appreciate the shorter fast paced workouts. Oh, and if I ever need to kick some booty, I know I can– I’ve got a 62# snatch people– holla!

  8. 115 Snatch Max
    7:45 for 50 pull ups blue band (achilles not ready for the impact of jump rope)

    I’m still new-ish so most of my CrossFit is for ‘hope’. I’ve done a decent amount of lifting and sprinting, but was missing the link to bring it to the next level and make it ‘applicable’ to increased rugby intensity/funcationality. I’m already ‘feeling’ like it’s well on it’s way. I’m also completely with Glenn, I look forward to seeing what WOD’s coming vs. struggling to get motivated for same movements at the gym.
    I’m coming to the realization that i ‘jeff is right’. This morning jeff said 40 pull ups would be good, but I thought 50 was better. 40 would’ve been a better ‘impact’. Same for the bonus WOD yesterday. I misheard and got 50 reps per block, Jeff said 55, and that would’ve been better intensity.
    The great people and supportive community are a fantastic bonus!!

  9. Outstanding posts people. All of you. I am loving hearing what keeps you coming to the gym. Keep it up.

  10. 157 Max Snatch, almost got 165

    I could go on and on about why I CrossFit, but I will stick to a couple of reasons here:

    One of the big reasons that I CrossFit is the variety it provides. The variety of the WODs keeps me from getting bored, helps to prevent overtraining movements or joints and allows me to improve in several different areas of fitness/physical skills during the same workouts vs. traditional cardio and lifting weights.

    I also do it because it provides a program that allows me to get better in many aspects of fitness at the same time without focusing on any one skill to improve it. When I was in my late teens and followed a power lifting type routine, I was very strong and very fast (relatively) in short distance running (10 – 40 yards sprint or a 400 meter run), but I could barely finish any run over a mile. Later on in my 20’s, when I focused more on endurance, I could run med-long distances on a daily basis at a good pace without too much effort (I still hated running though) and could knock out 50-60 push-ups or sit-ups at a time with ease. But I never had strength, power, stamina and endurance all at the same time. Whenever I focused on one particular physical skill for any length of time, endurance for example, the other skills would fall away considerably.

    I kept in shape through most of my 20s, but got out of the habit of exercising in my 30’s and got out of shape. Now I am 40 years old and because of doing CrossFit for the last 2 years I am approaching the PR’s that I set when I was half as old, and even passing many of them, in all physical skills at the same time without focusing on one those skills for more than one or two workouts in a row. It is still like magic to me that even though I may only run 3-5 times a month for short distances that when a 5K run comes up I almost always end up running it as fast or faster than the last time I ran it. Or, that my max back squat will go up when I have not done any heavy back squats for a month or two. That just is crazy.


    One more reason why I CrossFit , to be ready for when the zombies come. I am pretty sure that they will pick off the out of shape people first.

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