July 12th, 2010

Prego on the Mainsite…

Next time you are pregnant you should let your kids decorate your belly!
In other pregnancy news…check her out on crossfit.com.

Charity Vale, pregnant muscle-ups – video [wmv] [mov]

Be sure to read the comments section to read all the controversy about whether or not a prego should do muscle ups. Quite amusing!

All Classes

For Time:
185 pound barbell, Shoulder to overhead, 20 reps
40 Burpees

Partition as needed, any order.


11 Responses

  1. Holy ish, Charity! Way to go! I’m only 32 weeks and can’t imagine doing an MU this far along–and at 37 weeks no less. Way to go, lady!

  2. 7:07, Scaled to 175 lbs.

    Still struggling with getting more ‘dip’ into the 2nd ‘dip’ of my push press (i.e. dip, drive, press and DIP).

    FYI – If in anyone finds my ‘Eva’ time written into their green training log folder, I apologize. I looked for my time from that WOD this morning and couldn’t find it in my log. I think I may have been so wiped out after the workout on Saturday that I logged my time into someone else’s green folder! Sorry!

  3. 7:07, scaled to 135 lbs

  4. 7:46, scaled to 62 lbs

    Charity, you are amazing!! The video is incredible and the belly never looked better! 🙂

  5. At the Fire Station, 10:29 scaled to 125#. Pregnant muscle-ups, wow!

  6. 7:40 Rx’d

    those muscle ups should be on the main site! does that count as a “weighted vest”?

  7. 8:12 75#

  8. You continue to amaze and inspire. And utterly too cute with your football belly!

    Oh, and I just PR’d tonight with a 100# snatch. . . been a long time coming. And a 130# clean and jerk. . . also a long time coming. Very happy.

    Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to seeing you at Jay’s box in August 🙂

  9. Lori,
    Nice work on the snatch! I know you have wanted100 for a long time. Way to persevere.

  10. Lori-
    YOU GO GIRL! 100# snatch is awesome. You’ve just barely wanted that!!!!! Nice job on the C&J too. Way to be persistent. Did you video it at all?

  11. When ever I’ve tried to video a PR things go all wrong! So, nope 😦 But the other 2 gals watching can tell you how happy I was. I was screaming for joy before the bar even hit the ground both lifts!

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