July 28th, 2010

Funky Fresh Formal Wear

Our first order of shirts is in. Now all we need to do is get together for some printing. These shirts are made from 70% bamboo derived Rayon and 30% organic cotton fashioned stylishly into both men’s and women’s cuts. How many other gyms do you know that have shirts like that?! Of course if you prefer a boring old 100% cotton Hanes Beefy-T box cut shirt we can accommodate.  With Dave’s sweet printing machine you can always bring in whatever clothing items you want and we can print them. We will have two colors available in our fly formal wear, Leaf Green, pictured above, and Bitter Chocolate. The shirts will be priced at $10 plus accessorization putting the average shirt at about $15. I am thinking Saturday, September 18th would be great. I am looking at a 9 AM WOD and 10AM-12PM shirt printing party/Paleo brunch (start researching recipes now-only so many people can bring fruit).

All Classes

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run

3 minutes rest between efforts

Post total time including rest to comments.

Compare to here.


10 Responses

  1. I didn’t know they had Bamboo trees in France? The black & orange look sweet on the green!

  2. 24:40

    23 seconds slower overall time than last time, but felt a lot better overall and recovered better between rounds. Last time, I just went out with the goal of crushing each round and felt horrible at the end. This time, my goal was to establish a pace for 800 meters that I can recognize and (hopefully) replicate during a WOD consistently and then try to maintain that pace. I averaged about 3:55 – 4:00 the first 3 rounds and came in around 3:45 the last round.

  3. 23:34 (4 seconds slower than last time)

  4. 30:27
    Not the fastest girl in town, but beat my last time by almost a minute….works for me!

  5. 26:25 ??

    1:12 sec PR, that’s what happens when you try to hang with a Duffy. My goal next time is to keep up 2 full rounds with Joyce!

  6. I couldn’t run, so I did 3 rounds of: 15 box jumps and 1 rope climb. my time was 10:00.

  7. 26’10” : 4:04,4:20,4:22,4:24 (i think i remembered that right)

    The heat was my punishment for oversleeping. But it was fun to have Jeff’s girls cheer us on!

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