Smoking, through Glenn’s Eyes

I think we all got to see how passionate our BFF, Glen, is about smoking on the 4th. I was lucky enough to pick his brain, learning some of the necessities of his pastime.

AS: When did you start bbq-ing? And is this the correct term? GG: I use the term Smoking for stuff that takes a while using indirect heat and Grilling for steaks and chicken placed over a fire. BBQ is an all encompassing term so it is correct.

AS: What was your training? GG: Back in about 1998 I took a Smoking class in San Diego put on by JR Enterprises. He basically went around the country giving people pointers hoping they would eventually buy a smoker from him ( I did) He no longer gives classes and his web site is down. After that my Cousin Bob decided we needed to start smoking meats during our LONG beer drinking sessions on weekends. It only escalated from there. WIth bigger and better smokers. You have to be prepared to mess up some meat but like CF many people keep logs and cook something, write it down and improve on it next time.

AS: For the home smoker wanna-be, what equipment is needed? GG: I paid a bunch for my commercial smoker but you can get great results using a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker ( that you can buy at Home Depot for about $350.00. Prices only go up from there. Way up.

AS: If I were to go out and buy some meats to smoke what types should I get and where do you suggest buying them? GG: Smoking was originally started to take cuts of meat not used often and make them edible. Brisket, Pork Butt and Ribs are inexpensive and relatively easy to cook. I like Brisket and Pork Butt to start as they are forgiving and taste great when complete.

AS: What did your day look like on the 4th for producing the most flavorful smoked brisket I have ever tasted in my life? GG: I arrived at the lake around 6:30AM and set up the smoker, the meat (Brisket) was on and going around 7:00AM, Jeff helped me load the 800lb smoker the day before at the house and we left it on the trailer. Once the meat is on its just a matter of watching the temperatures and times. Brisket took about 10-11 hours and the ribs were about 5 hours. The challenge is drinking the right amount of beer, if you drink too much the meat gets messed up, not enough and you get really bored. It was great having Jeff around to chat with all day, not much beer was consumed.

AS: Can we sponsor you in bbq cook offs? GG: I have never participated in one, I would rather have friends of CFS sponsor a SMOKING WOD at Casa de Glenn and Marguerite sometime.

AS: Is there anything so radical and crazy about smoking, or the culture of it that I have no idea about? GG: Explore the Smoking Meat Forums (There is a Forum for EVERYTHING) and even an online class here

Post your admiration of Glenn’s smoked meats to comments.

Eat well, friends,


2 Responses

  1. Glenn’s smoke is the best I have ever had by far. What more can you say.

    And by the way AS, nice informative post. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Great post!

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