August 7th, 2010

Testing your Fitness Part 5: Halee Hits Hawaii!

The Box.

The WOD.

The Intensity!

Test your fitness by hitting another CF Box when you are on a trip somewhere. Yeah the WODs will be similar to what we do here, but it is always a little intimidating to go into a new environment and test your abilities. Check out Halee killin’ it at CF Oahu in the picture above. Nice work Halee!

9 AM Class

15 rounds for time of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Post time to comments.


5 Responses

  1. 12:42. Had too much left in the tank at the end. Should have pushed harder early on. Pushups slowed me down near the end.


  2. Rx’d: 19:50

    I had nothing left in the tank at the end of this one.

  3. 29:00 rx’d. Thankful this week is over, must rest!

  4. Broke in a new piece of garage equipment today. One of the Stud Bars from CFS 1.0 now holds a place of honor at Casa de Grossenbacher.

    29:44 with blue band pull ups and Blue/red assisted “Kid on a leash” push ups. I had to go to knee push ups at round seven.

    I was spent.

    Nice to have a little pice of CFS 1.0 in my garage.

  5. nice job people, obviously takes big effort. Wish I hadn’t overslept and missed out.
    Contemplating how to make it up this weekend and get the pull ups done. The gym has a pull up bar but I’m not ready for grown up ones yet.

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