August 11th, 2010

O-M-Goodness! Casey’s got skills!

Check out Casey’s 2nd muscle up ever! This is the fruit of two-plus years of hard work and consistency. When Casey came here I don’t think he had a pull up. A muscle up is just a bit harder than a pull up. Wouldn’t you say? I think Casey has made some progress. Nice work Casey. Could you make it look a little harder next time, please?

Post thoughts on Casey’s skills to comments.

All Classes

Overhead Squat



10 rounds for max reps of:

30 seconds on 20 seconds off mini-pacers.

Post OHS loads and mini-pacer reps to comments.

Compare OHS loads here.


15 Responses

  1. Nice job Casey! Must be the new haircut………

  2. Way to go Casey! You DID make that look way to easy for your 2nd MU ever. 🙂 How exciting!!! I wish I was there to see the 1st, that is always so thrilling. Keep up the GREAT work!

  3. Nice work Casey. Hard work pays off.

  4. Nice job Casey….I was going to say it is the shaved head but Glenn beat me too it.


  5. Way to go Casey! What a great accomplishment. You didn’t look nearly as excited as I was when I watched it!

  6. SWEEET!! Great job, CASEY!! You muscle up buttercup!!!

  7. Thanks guys! I feel like I should have had my MUs a long time ago, but at least I finally have them now.

    OHS: Worked up to 155lbs (a 25lb PR!)
    Pacers: 139

  8. Casey – those are some mad muscle up skills – ELITE!

    OHS: Max 90# (25# PR)
    Pacers: 111
    Sleep: not enough…

  9. Pretty awesome reaction after your Muscle-Ups, Casey.. Brushed it off like it was nothing…. TOO EASY!!!

    One rep Max OHS – 137lbs (22lb PR)
    Pacers – 146

  10. Again, nice work on the muscle ups Casey!!

    Max OHS: 157lbs
    –still finding that ‘rail’ but having fun

    Pacers: 120

  11. Max OHS- 95# (30# pr for a single)
    Pacers- 124

  12. 117 #

    Sub’d rower for pacer. 100 calories.

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