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August 24th, 2010

More is better…or not.

“Keep workouts short and intense.”

The quote above is taken directly from Greg Glassman’s (founder and CEO of CrossFit) Fitness in 100 Words. It is one of the best fitness writings I have ever read. It lays the groundwork for what we do daily in the gym. Many of our WODs are under 30 minutes and most of them in the 10-20 minute range. Rarely, if ever, do we go over an hour. Some people have asked or are at least thinking, “Is that really enough?” According to Glassman, it is. Intensity is the key. Your body is forced to respond more positively and in a greater capacity to intensity than to volume. Short intense WODs allow us to affect our anaerobic capacity which has the duel impact of  increasing aerobic capacity and increasing muscle mass at the same time. We respond hormonally in a positive manner to intense WODs as well, with increased testosterone, the hormone that keeps us young, increases fat burning capability and sustains and increases muscle mass. Short intense WODs increase metabolism as well. It is believed that metabolic rate can be increased for up to 24 hours after a high intensity WOD. More volume will not necessarily give you more of these same results, in fact it can do the opposite. Doing two WODs a day regularly, only leads to decreased intensity in one or both WODs. It also leads to over training which will leave you broken and less fit. Extra long distance running isn’t the answer either. It only serves to burn muscle. More volume can also lead to hormone imbalance in the negative direction by increasing cortisol, a stress hormone, and decreasing relative testosterone.

To avoid these and other problems, come in, warm up well, hit the WOD with as much intensity as you can muster while still maintaining proper form and technique, take part in our stretching and recovery at the end of the WOD and go home in an hour, happy and feeling successful. The short intense WODs that are the bread and butter of The Program we have chosen are enough for you to obtain your goals. This same formula has created the fittest people on the planet. If it is good enough for them, it is good enough for us. So take that quote to heart, keep things short, intense and fun. You will undoubtedly enjoy the benefits both mentally and physically.

5:30 AM Class

Happy rest day!

9:15 AM and 5:15 PM Classes

Ten rounds for time of:
10 Pull-ups
10 Ring Dips
10 Sit-ups
10 Squats

Post time to comments.

Bonus WOD

For time:

400m run

225# Deadlift 20 reps

500m row

45# Dumbell Overhead Squats Right Arm 20 reps

45# Dumbell Overhead Squats Left Arm 20 reps

500m row

225# Deadlift 20 reps

Run 400m

Post time to comments.


7 Responses

  1. 28:47 mod
    Orange Band Pull Ups and Ring Dips (tried purple on RD but wasn’t worth it after 2 rounds)

    note for improving your squat form, put two big giant blisters on the top of the ball of your foot. Definite encourangement to keep off your toes!

  2. 31:XX with Blue band pull ups and blue/red kid on a leash push ups instead of Ring dips. Sit ups and squats as RX’ed! Got to have chocolate milk afterward since it went over 30 min……thanks for the encouragement from everyone at the gym today.

  3. Bonus WOD 16:50 185# on dead lifts. Still pretty sore from yesterday.

  4. 21:00

    225# DL
    40# OHS right arm
    10# OHS left arm

    I totally gooned up the order of exercises and add an extra set of 20 right armed OHS. Brain was not in the game today.


  5. This part of the “CrossFit Program” is what I think so key, my favorite part, and intimidating. I find it easy to maintain determination and pushing to keep going at 60mins in without stopping, but find myself intimidated at pushing max effort work capacity when it’s only “me vs. me” (rugby’s easy, someone’s trying to hurt you and you’re trying to win 🙂 easy to stay motivated then).
    But on those days I do push that intensity, I can absolutely feel the improvement both mentally and physically. I know the body’s responding and that mental conditioning is awesome, but for me, hard to achieve.
    That’s why I’m impressed on the days when Cassie’s puffing on his back not because of the rediculous amount of pull ups he can do (I’m more envious of those :)) but because he obviously pushed the intensity. I was just as impressed on some long Saturday workout when Marguarite was last one finishing, but you could see she pushing hard through each and every sit-up.

    (yea, noone’s going to see this, but it was actually on a background window and I had never hit “submit” so figured why not)
    (chuck norris has the best comment ever, but he doesn’t believe in “Submitting” to anything)

  6. I saw it. Great post Shawn!!!

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