August 27th, 2010

Restaurant Review: Kafe Neo

Kafe Neo is located in the heart of the Mill Creek Town Center just south of Azul (another CFS favorite restaurant). It has sister restaurants in Marysville and Edmonds. 2T and I have walked right by this restaurant numerous times en route to pound some carne asada at Azul and really never gave it a second thought. After many recent positive recommendations we decided to give it a try. At first glance the menu was semi-Paleo friendly, but most of the dishes contained various kinds of cheeses not pleasing to the hardcore Paleo-ivore. However, for those of us with a more liberal “real foods” approach to nutrition it was 2 legit 2 quit! Many appetizers and main dishes based on meats, vegetables, feta cheese and quality sauces. For an appetizer we chose the Stuffed Piquillo Peppers. They were delicious mini-red peppers stuffed with lamb and feta and covered in romesco sauce (a red sauce with a roasted pepper base). The main dishes we chose were the Charbroiled Tri-tip with veggies and Charmoula (a sauce made with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices), and the Gyro Salad with Tzaziki sauce. Both were excellent low carb, “real food” options as long as you avoided the potatoes with the Tri-tip (to be honest they were worth avoiding) and the soft, warm, fluffy pita bread that came on the side of the salad (not so easy to avoid). We each had a glass of the house red wine, a sensible cheat, that was quite good. Last but not least was dessert, a not so sensible cheat, but hey we have 4 kids and we may not get anyone to watch the herd again soon so why not live it up, right? We chose the Chocolate Krinkle Sundae and some other Greek sweet bread thingy. Both were pretty good, but the best part about their desserts is that they are $2 each and more like sample size, making them easy on the pocket-book and slightly easier on the body composition.The whole bill including, an appetizer, two glasses of wine, two main dishes and two mini-desserts came to about $60. Not bad at all considering the quality of the food.

Altogether I would give this restaurant a two thumbs up with a 360 burpee box jump and double body-weight thruster on top for their generously sized, fresh, tasty, “real food” dinner and appetizer choices, small affordable desserts, reasonable prices and very few items that needed to be avoided.  So the next time you are looking for a good dinner that won’t leave you feeling fat in the waistline and skinny in the pocketbook check out Kafe Neo.

Check out their menu here.

5:30 AM Class

Happy rest day!

9:15 AM  and 5:15 PM Classes

For time:
225 pound Back squat, 20 reps
40 Toes to bar
60 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood

Post time to comments.

Bonus WOD

Power Clean

5 reps @ 65% 1 RM

5 reps @ 75% 1 RM

Max reps @ 85% 1 RM


Row 500m for time.

Post loads and reps for the power clean and time for the 500 row to comments.


6 Responses

  1. B-B-B-BONUS WOD: 155# Power Cleans for 3 reps, 4th & 5th reps had real bad form..

    500m Row – Completed in 1:48

    A lot of things going on at the same time in the gym, but great effort & focus coming from everyone=)

  2. Bonus – 137# for 17 reps.

    500m Row – 1:44

    Great work Shawn and Brandi – 50 + rep at 85% Time to go for a new 1RM.


    • …and then Shawn crushed the 500m.

    • Thanks for noticing my backwards jump, i bet that’s wasting some energy. I bet i’m doing that on most of my lifts, hard not to do.

      I second Brandi’s reps awesomeness, it’s what gave me the thought to go for high reps

  3. Bonus!
    Worked to 1RM 210# Power Clean
    Then 180# x 56 reps
    (did drop, reset and go vs. touch and go, wasnt’ sure what was Rx’d)

    500m Row — 1:31, first half was awesome, second half I was GASSED!!

  4. main WOD – 10:45 Rx’d

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