Gorgeous Girl = Gorgeous Dessert

Not only do our CFS teens tear it up during WODs, they’re also on board with Paleo eating! Shyanne posted a dessert she created last week, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it. She claims it tastes just like Anthony’s fruit dip during Sunday brunch, but the way her dad was freaking out about it– I know it’s better. I doubt they’re using the best ingredients as we can when we make ours. I also would bet they’re not using as little sweetener as Shyanne used in hers. To quote Jeff Vale, “You rock girl!”

Yogurt fruit dip:
Mix plain greek yogurt (7g of carbs) and fold it into heavy whipped cream and about a table-spoon of honey mixed in or to taste.

Don’t you wish your parents taught you to eat high quality foods as a teen that developed into healthy eating habits today? Unfortunately I was 35 until I finally saw the light.

Any other teen, let me know recipes you’ve made that you’ve liked I’d be happy to publish them for you.

Eat well, Friends,


2 Responses

  1. Way to go Shyanne! No wonder you are such a rock star in the gym. Imagine what most of your friends are eating for dessert. Good fuel= a healthy body!

  2. Go Shyanne!! That sounds GREAT!! I’d like to try it!!

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