September 8th, 2010

The Wrap Up

So I have been preaching on this series called The Program. Yes, I know it has been a bit preachy! Well, this is the last installment. The purpose of this series of posts has been to answer a lot of questions that have either been asked of me or needed to be answered whether they were asked or not. We talked about our warm up, our WODs, our nutrition and our post-WOD mobility work. The hope was to paint you a picture. To give you an idea of what I see as the CrossFit lifestyle. This lifestyle has been life changing for our family and many friends. It has propelled the fittest athletes on the planet to never before heard of work capacity. It has helped people lose hundreds of pounds. It has helped people gain muscle. It has made people faster, more flexible, more powerful, more mobile and just more fit and healthier in general. It has done all this for many people time and time again, but only for a certain set of people. It doesn’t do it for everyone who comes to CrossFit, only the people disciplined enough to take on this lifestyle wholeheartedly and consistently on a day to day basis. For those people, it has never failed. Are you one of those people?

Post thoughts to comments.

5:30 AM Class

Complete as many rounds as possible in seven minutes of:
315 pound Deadlift, 7 reps
20 meter Sprint
14 One legged squats
21 Double-unders
20 meter Sprint

Post rounds completed to comments.

9:15 AM and 5:15 PM Classes

Happy rest day!


8 Responses

  1. Well said, Jeffery. Thanks for leading the way!

  2. Jeff ~ your “Program” series was really good… I fell like I answer these questions each week… a little bit here, a little bit there, and some get it… but some don’t. I hope many have read your thoughts on “The Program” and take away from it enough for it to be life changing, like it has for so many, including my family. Thank you!

  3. 2 rounds + 13 DU’s

    Scaled deadlifts down to 295 lbs. (my upper back is a little sore after heavy deadlifts and snatches last 2 days) and did the pistols to a 16″ box. Fun fast work out. Double-unders came pretty easy today.

  4. 2 rounds + the deadlifts
    used 20inch(???) box for pistols.

    DU’s absolutely killed my speed through the workout. Tried rushing them (for time and getting the best burn out of the wod) and that just made them worse.
    Pistols confuse me, every part of me thinks I should be able to do them, leg strength, core strength, yada… I’m going to start practicing them till I get them just because…I don’t know why, just want them!!

  5. 2 rounds + 7 DU’s

    Scaled deadlifts to 275 and it was super-hard at that weight. On the 3 round of DLs I was down to singles. I’m pretty sure my back is still smoked from that big DL workout we did on Monday. Did pistols to a 16″ box.

  6. hey annie s.!!!!
    i made these they r cooking right now!!!!!!!i hope they r good!!!when u brought them over they were delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!see ya at class tomorrow!!!

  7. I really liked the ‘Program’ series. I know I thought I was one of the people that CrossFit worked for/who followed the CrossFit lifestyle in the past, but I did not realize how much I was missing until I attended my level 1 Cert. and then joined your gym.

    Thanks for refocusing me to work on my nutrition and the need to practice less than mastered movements/exercises in my warm-up (vs. only when they come up in a WOD). Those two things have helped me improve dramatically in the last few months. I am really excited about the benefits from the nutrition piece, because they just seem to keep coming. Thanks Jeff!

  8. Awesome John! So glad to have you as a part of our gym. When you first came I was hoping that you would feel that it was worthwhile since you were coming with a pretty good wealth of experience already. I am glad to know that you feel it is helping you move forward. See you tomorrow.

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