September 10th, 2010

Ring Handstand Push Ups?

Ring Handstand Push Ups are hard, can be dangerous and are not for everyone, but for those who are ready for them, have proper coaching on ways to mount and dismount the rings, and are looking for a new and challenging way to move their body though space they have a lot to offer. Once the basic mechanics of the movement are relatively sound and the athlete can complete a rep to see what it feels like they will find that it feels like the force production required is much greater than that of an equivalent depth HSPU. It is not. The load and distance moved have not changed. Thus the work has not changed. The increase in the required shoulder stability, core strength, coordination and balance combined with the already advanced strength level requirement of a regular HSPU make this movement many times more difficult. Are they a good exercise? Absolutely. Are they for everyone? Decidedly not. So when advanced movements like this come up in a WOD we just treat it like any other movement. Scale appropriately.

Ring HSPU videos:

Crazy deep range of motion video.

Gymnastics guys video.

Hilarious video that looked a lot like me trying to learn these.

All Classes

Seven rounds for time of:
205 pound Clean, 3 reps
4 Ring handstand push-ups

Post time to comments.


9 Responses

  1. 25’28” (i think)
    185lbs Power Cleans
    2 abmat HSPUs
    I think I might’ve missed a few HSPU’s as I might’ve gotten confused with failing on so many. Thanks for the advice Jeff on practicing getting the rack position today, I think it was productive. Still was very clumsy on the cleans today.

    Just wanted to give a shout of appreciation for the CFS community. I don’t know about all CrossFit boxes but CFS is definitely a positive start to my day, largely in part to the good coaching and good positive people working out. It really helps me alter my mood when I’m in a funk/grumpy. I was in a funk/grumpy this morning and even considered dropping out as the WOD started (continuation of the funk) but am glad I finished. Definitely got me moving in the right direction, where some days I’d just drag through the day.
    (that and how can you not laugh at yourself when you’re upside in HSPU, pushing with all your might and not going anywhere)

    • You hide your grumpiness well. Good job fighting off that little voice inside telling you to quit. Your last 2 rounds of power cleans looked much improved.

  2. 19:24
    205 Power Cleans
    HSPUs to the floor (no rings)

    Riley and Amy banged out this WOD pretty hard. I did not get a chance to see Amy’s power cleans, but I saw Riley’s. They looked pretty awesome. Especially considering that it sounded like he has not done that movement much before. Good job you two!

    I was really impressed with Riley and Shawn’s determination when they were powering out their last round of HSPUs. I hit the wall on that last round too and it was really tough to get through.

    Good WOD.

  3. Made it through 4.5 rounds before popping something out in my back.

    Pwr cleans @ 165
    Hspu to the floor


  4. 5:04 – obviously too light of weights and abmats

    95# power cleans
    2.5 abmats

    It’s weird when you get stronger, but you don’t realize it, then when you do a wod like this, it’s so fast.

    9:15 turned out to be a couples WOD, fun triple date everyone!

  5. Shawn,
    Great effort this morning! Making it through days like that will make you tougher in life down the road. Power cleans were looking quite good by the end!

  6. 5:30 AM class was a change, but definitely worth it. I cranked it out pretty fast because I can’t do a real HSPU’s, so I just used the box 🙂 Guys, great job this morning! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group work so hard; didn’t even give up. Way to keep on going and push through! And I think you might be seeing me more, bright and early!

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