September 13th, 2010

Two rounds of:

30 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom

Rope climb, 1 ascent

95 pound Overhead squat, 21 rep

30 seconds rest then…

Two rounds of:

30 Toes to bar

95 pound Ground to overhead, 21 reps

Seven minute time cap. Score time of completion or reps completed within the cap

30 seconds rest then…

Two rounds of:

95# Barbell burpees, 5 reps

Rope Climb, 3 ascents

Post time to comments.


8 Responses

  1. 37:??
    kicked my butt more than I thought it would!

    I counted T2B if my toes got above bar but didn’t touch, and those by 1’s.
    Did the knotted rope for the last two rounds. I even rested and did all out effort to try and do regular rope for the last rounds, but just failed 1/2 up after trying for a few mins.

  2. Wow, tough workout today! Dad got around 30 minutes, and I got around 35. We both showed up to the 5:30am class, and that’s all that matters! Great work Shawn and Jim. And congrats, Marie on your one year!

  3. Congrats to Marie on her anniversary WOD. Thanks Jim for the strong pushing on those toes2bar, you did great pushing through those.

    Enjoy the Burpee Barbell everyone, great evil fun.

  4. Brutal workout! I called it quits at 36:40, in my last set, and now I’m regretting it.

    9:15 was crazy fast working through this workout! Way to go everyone!

    • Still in awe of your effort today!!! I don’t think you gave up as much as your body gave out. You’re hands were bloody for pete’s sake!!!

  5. 26:31 Rx’d

    Wow! That was crazy hard. I hated it and liked it all at the same time (funny how CrossFit is like that). Pretty sure that there won’t be any WOD harder than that one at the Winter Challenge. Big thanks to Ryan and Riley for setting a good pace to keep up with. I never quite caught up with Ryan, I was too busy trying not to blow chunks during the last two rounds.

    Note to afternoon class – Wear long socks or sweats!

    Note to self – Do not eat such a big breakfast before the 9:15 class even if you are eating 3 hours before the class starts (mistake!).

  6. Thanks for the suggestion John, I would have forgot about the socks. I will be taping up too.

    Thanks all for making me prepare mentally for this challenge 🙂

  7. Hated this workout. Closest I’ve ever come to quitting, crying and going home. The encouraging words from fellow members kept me there. Thank you. :)Didn’t make it to the burpies round, but not sure that is a bad thing for me!

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