Ham, Egg and Cheese in the Oven Please

Apparently all Joyce and I ever talk about is food, this is another great idea she passed on to me and I tested it out on our gym’s Crossfit Kids. They loved making it by personalizing their own ramekin (small oven proof bowl, see white bowl to the left), loved eating it even more, and even named it for me too. Ahh, you gotta love these smarties, they made my morning so much easier. This (lame) picture is a 1 egg version.

Per person:
1 ramekin, or small oven proof dish
1 slice ham, or more
1 egg, or more
handful of cheese
coarse salt and pepper to taste
any add-ins: mushrooms, olives, sausage, onions, the possibilities are endless!

How to:
Preheat oven to 350.

Coat the inside of the ramekin with butter or EVOO spray. Lay the ham on the inside of the bowl. Meanwhile crack the egg into a separate bowl, whisk it until scrambled. Add any add ins to the egg. Pour the egg mixture on top of the ham.

Cook until the center of the egg is set up. This can take anywhere from 20 minutes or more. We found out if you’re using more than one egg definitely use a bigger bowl to spread the mixture out and cook faster. As the eggs cook they puff up a bit and with more eggs it took FOREVER to cook thoroughly in a small ramekin.

Eat well, Friends!


4 Responses

  1. this is the best!
    you have to make it!
    with olives it is so good!
    make it!

  2. With olives? Did we have that?

    BTW, anyone that’s looking at this,


  3. Better yet, anyone reading this, you should have Sadie and Maggie make these for you. They’re awesome cooks!

  4. i think we did but if i didn’t i know that olives good in eggs. Sadie is right! make this!

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