October 8th, 2010

Images of Sacrifice

We sacrifice everyday in the gym to achieve our goals. You guys give everything you have got on a daily basis. What for? You are sacrificing your comfort for something?  Above are some images that might bring to mind other forms of self-sacrifice. Now I want to hear your thoughts on sacrifice both inside and outside of the gym. What or who are you sacrificing for? Is it a cause? A person? A personal goal? Who has sacrificed something for you? Do people still know what it means to sacrifice for something? How do you define the ultimate sacrifice? What/who would you be willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for?

Post thoughts to comments.

5:30 AM, 9:15 AM and 5:15 PM Classes

Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

If you don’t have pull ups yet this is practice time. Use the lightest band you can. Try and get your first real pull ups ever. Work on strict pull ups. Work on L- pull ups. Work on a max set of pull ups with a given band. This portion of the class will last  15 minutes. then…

Complete for time in any order of your choice, and partitioned however you like:

800m of running

4 rope climb ascents

50 sit ups

500m of rowing

Post total time to comments.

Anything goes on this one. Break up the runs, the rows, the climbs, or the sit ups however you like. Go through it chipper-style if you wish, just like it is written.  Spread the sit ups or the runs through out if that sounds better. Heck, you can take an abmat on your run and do sit ups out at the speed bump if you want. Have fun, play hard and just get the work done!




17 Responses

  1. Wait a minute…is that the ‘Octomom’ at top right? What did she sacrifice? Her pre-octuplet kids having a shot at an already abnormal life with a crazy women as a mother? 🙂

  2. John your comment cracked me up, I totally agree with you…

    Sacrifice…makes you think. I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing anything by coming to do the wods, it is just part of what I do, it is like going to work. Why do I do it? It is good for me health wise, it is social, we have a such a great group of people. It is a good release.

    What have I sacrificed? Being w/o my fiance for a year while he was in Iraq, missing b-days, holidays and events.

    What is the ultimate sacrifice? All of the heros for the wods have given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives.
    I would think that most of us would probalby give the ultimate sacrifice for our families…

    Thanks for making us think about this…

  3. Worked up to a 62lb weighted pull-up (a 12lb PR over last time!)

    Rx’d the chipper afterwards in 9:06.

  4. Worked weighted pull-ups to 14lbs (couldn’t make it at 18lbs)
    Rx’d the wod @ 11:35. Fun to stategize for a change, though my strategy entirely revolved around the rope ascents.

    • I don’t really think of sacrifice that much, most things seem to just be choices, you know what you’re getting (for the most part). There’s been a few occasions I made some big sacrifices, but really, I choose what I wanted.
      Maybe it’s because there are a lot of things I’d LIKE but I just can’t have everything I can think of (strong family, spend months climbing in Patagonia/Rockies/yada, have money to give my family proper stability, play top tier rugby, do some awesome engineering projects, mountain bike desert/mountain/hills, ski,…). Obviously I can think of a bunch of things, so if I focused on what I don’t have, I’d be pretty miserable. Sure, I’ll probably never climb/hike/bike as much as I would if I weren’t married to Carrie (and sometimes I do get ‘cabin fever’), but I don’t see it as a sacrifice because I get an awesome family.
      I just try to enjoy the huge amount of blessings I already have. CFS just an awesome luxery in of itself, especially that I can do it physically and financially.
      I think most of the time, we have so much blessings it’s silly to worry about what we don’t have.

  5. Amen to that, Shawn.. Seriously, I feel quite privileged to live my life especially after having seen how tough it is over in the Philippines…

    Things people usually take for granted (food, shelter, clean running water, health care) are luxuries that few folks over in my country ever get a chance to enjoy…

    17 years ago, my parents made a sacrifice. They sacrificed being thousands of miles away from all their friends and relatives, give up our business back home, sell everything they had to come to a country which they knew nothing about. They basically had to start from scratch just so their children could be granted the opportunities the U.S. had to offer….

    I’ve been truly blessed to be have such a loving family, an awesome girlfriend, and the opportunity to sweat it up with the CFS crew..

  6. Great comments everyone. Thanks for letting us get to know you a bit more.

    John, no idea who octa-mom is. Don’t get out much! Just a pic of a woman with two babies to me. I’ll have to figure out who this octa-mom is?!

    • She’s a single mom who goes through IVF and has multiple kids, like maybe 20?

    • That’s funny. I thought you put her picture in there as a semi-hidden joke. 🙂

      The story on her is that she had octuplets via artificial insemination after….already having 6 prior children through prior artificial inseminations. She was on public assistance at the time and a single mother. Mother of the year material.

  7. 55# (60 f) kipping, 25# strict

    10:something on the fun chipper. Loved today’s workout!

    Unfortunately I have an ultimate tale of sacrifice. My dad was a Coast Guard pilot when his plane crashed picking up a boy on a nearby island, everyone on board died. He was always doing endurance runs which is why I think I really like to run for long periods. I can just sit back and think of him.

    • Um sister…your dad was a helicopter pilot!! 🙂 Running always reminds me of him too…especially Turkey Trots! Good stuff!

  8. I really liked this WOD!! Two awesome things happened today: I turned 11, and I RX’d my first WOD!!!!! I couldn’t do strict pullups so I did red band and I did the WOD in 11:05, RX’d!!!!!!!!

  9. Saydogg,
    Happy birthday! I don’t know which one is cooler. You turning 11 or rxing your first WOD! Nice work.

  10. wow great job saydogg!
    happy b-day!


  11. Happy Birthday, Say-Dizzle!!!!

    Great WOD this evening…. I still have the battle scars from rope ascends a while back so I broke out the calf-high soccer socks for this WOD..

    Weighted Pull -Ups: 1RM – #115

    Didn’t quite have a strategy for the second WOD, but here’s how I broke it down:

    1 Rope Ascend
    25 Sit Ups
    1 Rope Ascend
    25 Sit Ups
    2 Rope Ascends
    250m Row
    400m Run
    250m Row
    400m Run

    Time Completed – 9:05 Rx’d
    Good job, everyone!!!

  12. Nice work on both WODs Halee. That weighted pull up is no joke!

  13. wow halee!

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