Ocotber, 15th, 2010

Eggs Part 1: Cooked or raw? Yes.

Eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods that Americans eat. Especially if they are from pastured chickens (more on that in a later post). The question is not whether you should eat eggs or not. That is easy. You should. What we are talking about today is how to best prepare them to maximize and preserve the nutrient density and minimize some of the few negative aspects. Really the answer is very simple. The white should be cooked and the yolk should be as raw as you can handle. Why? Lets start with the white. The white has anti-nutrient qualities similar to grains that can impair digestion and limit the availability of certain nutrients. Fortunately for us, when egg whites are cooked these characteristics disappear. The yolk on the other hand, does not contain these anti-nutrient qualities eliminating the need for cooking. Actually, the yolk itself should ideally be consumed raw to maximize the availability and quality of the nutrients contained there. The yolk is full of almost all of the “good stuff” in an egg. Unfortunately, many of these good qualities are ruined when cooked. Take omega-3 fatty acids for instance. A pastured egg is rich in these vital fats but when exposed to heat they are quickly oxidized leaving them useless and even harmful. That is just one example of how heat damages some of the nutrients in the yolk. Some of the other elements are also negatively affected by heat. So the next time you’re cooking breakfast think, sunny side up, over easy or gently poached.  The only caveat to this the argument is that you can get sick from pathogenic bacteria in raw eggs. On this issue you have to do your research and make your own decision just like with raw dairy. Some issues that we as a family consider are the quality of the egg and chicken, and we also try to wash the outside of the egg if we know at least part of it is going to be consumed raw.

5:30 AM, 9:15 AM and 5:15 PM Classes

Squat Clean



500m row for time


5 Responses

  1. Worked to 200lbs 1RM
    (first time doing heavy Squat Cleans)
    500m Row: 1:30.4 (5 second PR)

    Squat Clean form/movement finally feeling productive. It felt easier to find the movement than with the power cleans and slowly finding that rack position. Perhaps the mental fact that I plan on squatting either way helped me get under the bar because once I’m there, there’s no more discomfort. Felt like I had more weight I could do, good to feel that progress.

    As is the norm for the darklifters, great efforts! Great row Ben, first tiem out!

  2. 245 squat clean (20-30 lb PR!!!)

    1:28 500 meter row

    I have power cleaned 245#s at a bodyweight of 235, but the most I have squat cleaned is 215 or 225 (not sure which. But this is definitely a big PR now that I am down to a 220 bodyweight.

    Ryan hit a 1:29 shortly after I finished up (he started a few seconds after me) on the ‘slower’ C2 rower, so he pretty much tied me/would have rowed at least a 1:28 on the old school rower. I would have been cheering him on except I could hardly breath for about the first 10 seconds after getting off the rower.

  3. […] fall Jeff wrote three articles explaining in great detail the importance of eggs:  Eggs Part 1: Cooked or raw?  Eggs Part 2- Pastured or conventionally raised?  Eggs Part whatever we are on now: Battle of the […]

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