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November 2nd, 2010

Got inspiration?

Is life hard right now? Parenting? Fitness? Work? Marriage? Read this inspiring story for a little perspective. Here is a video to go along with it. Post thoughts to comments.

5:30 AM, 9:15 AM and 5:30 PM Classes


50 Strict Pull-ups
100 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
Row 1k, Run 800m X 2 rounds

Post time to comments.


14 Responses

  1. Absolutely incredible. Puts so many things in perspective. This is more than enough to motivate me for the next workout but more importantly keep me grounded in all that life sometimes gives us. As CrossFitters’ we sometimes take the little things for granted. I need to remember that for every day that you are sore from a workout there are people who would give anything and everything to be able to do what we do in the gym everyday. Let’s dedicate a workout to one of these amazing people and push ourselves harder than we have before!!

  2. Well said Ryan.. Jeff, thanks for posting this. Inspiring at the very least. Truly, humanity at its best…..

  3. Wow. What a wonderful story. Very timely for me today. Just what I needed to remind me what is important. And more important, what is worth doing. Thanks so much for sharing this. . .

  4. I agree with what everyone has said above. It is an inspiring and incredible story that I have heard before and it still chokes me up every time I hear it. I have been getting a little overwhelmed by life lately and this story always put things back in perspective for me. Good post Jeff.

  5. 34:41
    Kipping Pull Ups; +20# vest for push ups/run/row. An exercise in determination just to keep plowing through until done.

    Big props to Jim who was able do it Rx’d in fine time.

    • I was floored when I read 212 triathlons. Over any timeframe that’s just an incredible lifestyle choice just for the sake of your son. When I’m getting worried about work, it’s great to have perspective.

  6. Great story and as has been said very inspirational. Reading it takes away the dread of running since I am blessed to be able to do it…even if it is slow.

    We worked out at home this morning.

    30 pull ups-green/blue kipping
    50 push ups-green/green
    row 1k walk 400m X 2

    50 pull ups-blue band kipping
    100 push ups-blue/blue (lost plank at end and looked sort of like a big clapping walrus when released my hands)
    1k row run/walk 800m X 2

    • Nice job guys getting motivated on your own, with solid times as well. You’re not alone on that plank Glenn, it took a lot of concentration to keep my form, and I’m sure a few of mine still wouldn’t have counted in a stricter judging.

  7. I have seen that story before and it is amazing…

    I too have been super stressed and busy lately, this is great to put things in perspective.

    I agree with Ryan about how many people would do anything to do what we do or to feel sore from a WOD. I always think about how blessed I am to be able to do the Hero WOD’s, I just think about that when it gets tough.
    I remember one day running at Jeff’s house and thinking how much I hate running – I then saw a guy in his wheelchair, I quickly changed my mind.

    Remember the little things in life!

  8. 19:04 did the Taranis Taper version!

    I’m convinced I’m the gym crier, and of course this story made me do. WAAAHHHH!

  9. Great story of going ‘all out’ for something/someone other than yourself.

    Thanks for the inspirational post Jeffery. Love ya Lil Bro.

  10. Wow, I just now read this article wondering what everyone was being so sappy about. I’m now literally holding back tears here at work. That’s just a truly amazing and inspirational story. I was having a pretty lousy day today and reading this has really put it all in perspective. Thanks for posting this Jeff.


  11. Thanks for posting the story. So many lessons in life, family, sacrifice, perseverance and LOVE. Forget the workouts I feel bad that sometimes I don’t want to read that 12th book to William before bed.
    A post that will not be forgotten..thanks again Jeff.

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