November 6th, 2010

CFS at Taranis

Our athletes are off to Crossfit Taranis. John will be competing tomorrow in the individual competition. Casey, Andrea, Kris and Halee will be competing on Sunday in the team competition. Some of the WODs have been released. Check them out below.

Individual Competition #1:

In ten minutes:

1 max set of pull-ups for reps and then in the time remaining

set a 1 rep max for a squat clean.

The rest of the individual events will be released throughout the day.

Team WODs:

The team competition is going to be done double elimination tournament style so each team is only guaranteed to compete in the first two rounds of the tournament. Click the images below to blow them up and view team WOD details.


9 AM Class


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.

Compare to here.


14 Responses

  1. Wow, After looking at the WOD’s i think John and our CFS Team will do Great and above all move well. It seems like the WODs play to many of the Teams strengths. Good luck everyone and remember, in a competition you only have to move well enough to keep “Your” judge happy and make the rep count. Please keep us updated on your progress. Have fun and Good Luck!

    • Hi Glenn. Sorry, but they can’t keep posted because they can’t use their phones and they don’t have access to a computer šŸ˜¦ At least not Mom and Dad can’t.

      Like Glenn (and I know you can’t hear this until you get back, but) GOOD LUCK!!

  2. I forgot to write this earlier– GOOD LUCK FRANers!!

  3. Big shout out to Ryan on his first Solo Coaching WOD. He handled it like a seasoned veteran even when thrown a little curve. Previous Fran time was 11:xx with 80lbs and Green band pull ups. This time around was 9:07 with 80lbs and blue band pull ups. 2011 goal would be to RX this one.

  4. Thanks for the wishes you guys… Here’s the update for John’s WODs:

    1st WOD (Posted): John hitting a 240+PR on the Squat cleans with ease..

    2nd WOD: 3 Rounds for time
    [15 Wall Ball shots, 10 Burpees] w/ a 5 min time cap

    3rd WOD: 20 minute AMRAP
    20 Backward Jump Rope Singles
    20 Air Squats
    20 Double Unders
    200m Run

    John’s competing in the 2nd heat for all of the events and has been ripping it up so far. There have been quite a few occasions where some of the athletes have sacrificed a bit of their form when the loads got heavy, but our John kept it clean and moved extremely well all throughout the event..

    4th Event starts in less than two hours so I’m going to be heading back over to Taranis. I’ll try to keep you guys posted..

    GO CFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Darn it! I just was looking back in the comments section of the blog and saw that I hit a 245 lb. squat clean 3 weeks prior to the competition. So only one PR (the pull-ups). I forgot to log that WOD with the 245 1RM squat clean on my on WOD blog/log and did not think to look back here. Dumb.

  5. Halee-
    Thanks for the updates!

    Great job John! 2 PR’s is fantastic.

    Good luck tomorrow CFS team.

    Glen-Awesome job on your Fran PR. Rx’ing it next year is a great goal.

    Thanks for coaching today Ryan.

  6. I have to ditto Glenn’s comment—so proud of my husband for his first official class coaching! Thanks Ry for all of your encouragement and great job to the CFS crew who did Fran yesterday! Brandie—you killed it and Rx’d too on your first time doing Fran! And I have to brag that Ryan PR’d by 2 1/2 minutes since doing this a few months ago!!

    John—we really enjoyed getting your text updates yesterday—GREAT JOB!!! And best of luck to the rest of you today!

    • Ryan – Wow! A 2 1/2 minute PR on Fran in a only a few months!!! That is so great. I wish had been there to see that!

  7. I am so amazed and proud of my husband! John did awesome at the Winter Challenge. He PRd in the max pullups (33) and the squat clean (240), then did 15 wall balls/10 burpies X 3 rounds in 3 min 53 seconds. Next, he went all out on the 20 min amrap of 20 back skips (not his favorite), 20 air squats (yikes just did all those wall balls), 20 double unders (really not a fan) and 200 m run (hell). Next, was a 2-3 hour rest. Just in time to cramp up like crazy to the point of not being able to walk, let alone compete in the last wod. BUT, 3 water botles,4 bananas, 1 Vitamin Water, 2 Aleve, 4 salt packets left over from BurgerMaster and lots of prayers and he was back on his game! Please note: John was not eating at BurgerMaster, that would be Kandi, Christian and Austin! John then crushed the last wod of 135lb 9 deadlifts, 6 power cleans, 3 squat cleans to overhead -5 rounds, 7 min, 27 seconds- First in his heat. I am in awe of John’s strength and determination. Way to hang with the young bucks and look good doing it!

  8. Just need to mention how proud John and I were of Halee, Andrea, Casey and Kris! Halee was amazing with the pull ups, push ups, not to mention 20 lb PR on the power clean! Kris, crazy strong! Your power-clean was awe inspiring – I want to do that! Andrea flew through the thrusters and pull ups. Please tell me how you do so many unbroken! Casey nice work on pull ups, thrusters and fabulous work on the power clean. Was that 2 x PR (once in warm up and second time during the wod)??!!! You guys were awesome and we had such a great time watching you all! Pictures are coming soon!

    • As I was reflecting on my day today, I remember during push ups I could hear you screaming my name, it was so encouraging! Thanks for being there to cheer us on, you don’t know how awesome that felt having friends there shouting your name when my arms just wanted to pop off!

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