November 8th, 2010

CFS at Taranis

Congrats to John, Kris, Casey, Andrea and Halee on their performances this weekend. I believe all of them PRed at least once during the competition. Anytime you can do that it should be considered a success. From what I understand their effort was supreme and their virtuosity of movement impeccable. Thanks you guys for putting yourselves out their and taking that risk. Below I have posted a couple of comments from Kandi (John’s wife) that sum up the weekend well.

I am so amazed and proud of my husband! John did awesome at the Winter Challenge. He PRd in the max pullups (33) and the squat clean (240), then did 15 wall balls/10 burpies X 3 rounds in 3 min 53 seconds. Next, he went all out on the 20 min amrap of 20 back skips (not his favorite), 20 air squats (yikes just did all those wall balls), 20 double unders (really not a fan) and 200 m run (hell). Next, was a 2-3 hour rest. Just in time to cramp up like crazy to the point of not being able to walk, let alone compete in the last wod. BUT, 3 water botles,4 bananas, 1 Vitamin Water, 2 Aleve, 4 salt packets left over from BurgerMaster and lots of prayers and he was back on his game! Please note: John was not eating at BurgerMaster, that would be Kandi, Christian and Austin! John then crushed the last wod of 135lb 9 deadlifts, 6 power cleans, 3 squat cleans to overhead -5 rounds, 7 min, 27 seconds- First in his heat. I am in awe of John’s strength and determination. Way to hang with the young bucks and look good doing it!

Also, just need to mention how proud John and I were of Halee, Andrea, Casey and Kris! Halee was amazing with the pull ups, push ups, not to mention 20 lb PR on the power clean! Kris, crazy strong! Your power-clean was awe-inspiring – I want to do that! Andrea flew through the thrusters and pull ups. Please tell me how you do so many unbroken! Casey nice work on pull ups, thrusters and fabulous work on the power clean. Was that 2 x PR (once in warm up and second time during the wod)??!!! You guys were awesome and we had such a great time watching you all! Pictures are coming soon!

Now that is what it is all about, giving your all, moving well, improving your fitness, supporting people you love, testing your grit, learning life lessons and having fun.

5:30 AM, 9:15 AM and 5:15 PM Classes


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
95 pound Squat cleans, 30 reps
30 Burpees

Post time to comments.


12 Responses

  1. Way to represent CFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just sent a few pictures to your email, Jeff. Let me know if they don’t come through.

  3. I also owe my ‘miraculous’ recovery from my cramps to some well timed advised of our coach/guru/fearless leader Jeff Vale, whom I was communicating with by text during my moment of need. He advised me to grab a foam roller roll and stretch my quads like crazy. I could not stand up and was stuck in the car about 200 meters away from the CF Taranis gym. I could not get in a stretching position for one quad without triggering a cramp in the other. So I grabbed my foam roller, sooo glad I had one with me, and used it like a ‘stick’ roller on my quads. That started the healing process that the salt, bananas, etc. then helped along as they finally worked their way into my blood stream.

    Big thanks to my wife for all her support all weekend long and more than kind words above. Thanks to Halee for getting there at 9 AM on Saturday to cheer me on all day. I am not sure I could have made it through the 20 min AMRAP without hearing yell for me on each run and through the entire WOD. And it was really great to have Andrea, Kris & Casey show up and cheer for me during the last WOD when I really, really needed it. During every WOD I was able to drowned out the entire crowd screaming for all the competitors and concentrate only on my CF Snohomish friends alone, they were so loud I was surprised they could talk the next day (especially Halee!).

    I also want to thank Ryan and Jeff for all their encouragement and support via text, it was like having you guys there in my corner of the ring in between rounds of a fight. And thank you to everybody at CF Snohomish that pumped me up the weeks before.

    There is a quote I can’t quite remember that says something about great moments meaning nothing if you don’t have friends to share them with. I am so glad that I do.

  4. John had the most inspirational story of the weekend. First, to compete individually against games people, and hold his own was impressive. Most impressive was his come back after his leg cramps. When the Pavlic’s arrived back to Taranis, after a break on Sat. Kandi was the only one who came into the gym. She was stressed and crying, telling us how John couldn’t get out of the car because he was cramping so bad. It was dramatic and frightening! Once the wod was released she took it to him, he made it into the gym started rolling, put on his weight lifting shoes and in about 7 mins won his heat. I wish there was a documentary crew following him because it was a better moment than Rudy, or anyother inspirational movie, he had us in tears! Talk about testing your grit!

  5. Wow, great story Annie!
    Great work CrossFit Snohomish. The pictures of you guys getting it done were amazing!!

  6. CFS people rock. Just a thought I just had.

  7. Nice job john, halee, Casey, Andrea and kris. Sounds like it was quite the weekend and you were all able to “play above yourself”. I look forward to the stories and tales. And kudos to those supporting them, the power of the CFS energy!

  8. Wow! I have really enjoyed reading all the stories about the competition this weekend. What a strong team you all made!! The pictures were amazing too, thanks for sharing. So proud to be part of such a great group of people. Well done peeps!!!

  9. It was great to come back home and watch (taking a few rest days after this weekend) the Snohomish 9:15 AM crew knock this WOD out while shadowing Jeff this morning. So much great effort from everyone on a really hard Hero WOD. It was a pleasure to stand on the side and be able to witness how much progress that you have all made over the last few months.

    FYI, I asked D-Pav how much weight he has lost since he and M-Pav have been going hard core low carb, mainly because I was so impressed with how fast he went through the WOD. If I remember right he said 18 lbs. in 28 days! It sure shows in both his body compostion and performance.

    Way to go Dave! Keep up the good work, it looks like it is really paying off for you.

  10. wow great stories.
    i just wanted to say how great you guys did at taranis!

  11. 41:17 Rx’d mainsite Helton
    (I did the 50lbs each DB Squat Clean per mainsite’s version instead as the barbells were being used)
    did @ gym on Sunday 11/14; Treadmill runs

    That many reps of DB Squat Cleans were killer! After the first set I was done to a chipping 5 rep sets, rest 10-15 secs, yada. Tired!!!

    • Note to self to improve next time. Start of DB Squat Cleans were a good honest distance below knee, but not mid-shin or ground. Try ground touch next time.

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