November 9th, 2010

More CFS @ Taranis

Here are some more pictures of the fierce competition that took place at the Winter Challenge at CrossFit Taranis. So just to give you an idea of what our people were up against…Most of you remember the name Ashleigh Moe, right? The little ball of fire that dominated the WA State sectionals and the NW Regional on the road to a great performance at the 2010 CrossFit Games. Yeah, she didn’t place in the top three at this competition. Another Games competitor, Alicia Connors, got third. Now that is some stiff competition. Wow! Enjoy the pictures and make sure you give your CFS competitors a pat on the back when you see them. It takes a lot of heart to compete in something like this.

5:30 AM, 9:15 AM and 5:15 PM Classes

The Seven

Seven rounds for time of:
7 Handstand push-ups
135 pound Thruster, 7 reps
7 Knees to elbows
245 pound Deadlift, 7 reps
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
7 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to here or here.


15 Responses

  1. Congratulations to you all for a stellar performance this weekend. PR’s all around. That’s awesome when you are able to hit those PR’s on game day! Great job.

  2. Amazing pics and a great story too! You all are super inspiring…

  3. Awesome work Team CFS! You all made us proud.

  4. Great pics of the Challenge. You can see the huge effort in your faces! Great heart guys!

    @ 35min cutoff 5 rounds + 4 pull ups
    2 abmat HSPU’s

    last time: 5 rounds @ 42:39 with Box Pike Push Up for HSPU, orange band pull ups, and K2E best efforts (never actually touched knees to elbow)

    Thought about taking a break today after long Moab weekend but didn’t want to miss my favorite wod. This kicked my butt, with awesomeness! I was a bit complain-y this morning, thanks for the motivation/pick-me-up Jeff/Marie/Jim/Mike! Well worth it!!

  5. Great job everyone!

    Made it 6 rounds before the cut off
    Scaled it….
    Deadlift 105#
    knee ups
    Thrusters 45#
    pull ups – red band
    Hspu – 2 abmats

    There isn’t anyone I DON’T like working out with at CFS, but there is just something about that 5:30 group that I love. 🙂 Great job friends!

    • You’re definitely part of that 5:30 awesomeness. I appreciated the encouragement as I was not ready this AM, feeling beat up (from good weekend), stressed over my crappiness on a project @Work this morning, and contemplating possibly bailing during wod if I didn’t feel good. Only with your encouragement/positive energy (and Jeff/Jim/Mike’s) I was able to shake it off mostly have a good time! I definitely wouldn’t have finished this today going solo. Thanks!

      And you were cruising through this WOD at a nice solid pace.

      Thanks John! Pull ups felt great today! Though speaking of pull ups, 33 max reps at the challenge, impressive!!

      • Thanks! The max pull-ups was the first task of the first WOD and I flew through them so fast that it left me winded. I probably could have done a few more had I calmed myself down, which would have been even more surprising to me. But from the moment the announcer said, “3-2-1 Go!” I got such an adreline rush that it was almost intoxicating. My kip was all over the place and I was almost doing chest-to-bar pull-ups (not Halee chest-to-bars, just John chest-to-bars) and I still got 33. It may have cost me a few pull-ups and been a huge mistake, because my kip was so ‘off’, but I decided halfway through the pull-ups to semi-surrender to the adreline rush because I thought it might help me in the max squat cleans.

  6. Thanks for posting all the photos Jeff, and thanks to my beautiful wife Kandi for taking so many great ones of all of us from the gym that competed this weekend.

    I encourage else at CF Snohomish to seriously consider competing in future events. I know it outside some people’s comfort zone, but we all stretch that every day in the gym anyway.

    You would not believe how supportive the community is when you go to one of these, no matter if you are one of the superstars or just someone in the middle or back of the pack. For example, I was about 16 minutes into the 20 min Amrap (WOD #3 with the backwards skipping, squats, double-unders and running) when even through a mild state of near exhaustion I registered that about 100 people just exploded in cheers, clapping, yelling and screaming. Afterwards, Kandi told me that was because some competitor had gotten stuck on double-unders in the first round and did not get his first 20 completed until then.

    While on one hand, that would be a nightmare. On the other, how awesome would it be that when you finally get something that you worked that hard for that you are rewarded with the cheers of 100-150 people just going nuts for you and you alone. That is just a different crowd then you find at most sporting events. It is just like at our gym except on a larger scale.

  7. I agree John, the support was so fantastic there. I feel CF in general is so supportive of our people. We genuinely want everyone to reach their potential.

    7: 6 rounds & 7 front squats. Still feeling a little tired from this weekend.
    2 abmat handstand pu
    65# front squats
    145# DL
    35# KBS

  8. I went in to this WOD thinking I was ready for it. I wasn’t.

    I made it through 3 rounds in 26:something. At that point I thought my biceps were going to rip off and my back was about to go out. So I decided to stop. I have no idea what my issue was.

    The HSPUs were scaled to 1 abmat.

    • Casey:

      This is a tough WOD to come back to. You might still be mentally wiped out from this weekend. I hope you did not tweek anything too bad. Maybe take a rest day tomorrow and give it a go Thursday?

  9. 31 + some seconds? 5 rounds

    162lb DL
    35lb KB
    25 lb DB thrusters
    ab mats HSPU
    Toes to bar on most because I didn’t read the directions carefully. I should try to practice what I preach. 🙂

  10. wow great job everyone at taranis!
    i wish i was there to cheer you all on!

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