December 8th, 2011


How do you guys put all those cool little smiley/winking smiley/frowning smiley faces on your comments? I am not only feeling left out, but technologically illiterate and all pent-up emotionally due to the inability to express in such a communicative and relevant manner. Someone please help. Post answers to comments.

Snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1

Loads to comments.


5 minutes of handstand practice

5 minutes of jump rope practice

5 minutes of rowing for max meters with a constant stroke rate of 22 strokes per minute.

Post impressions on all three 5 minute sessions to comments. Was it hard? Easy? Fun? What about the constant stroke rate thing?


24 Responses

  1. Ask Mags.

  2. You have to make a little colon thingeymcbobber and then the perenthesis above the little zero (0). So, here is what it should look like: 🙂 . wait, like that? or an actual emotocon like u have on ur picture? That is something I cannot answer. Maybe go to Bing/Google and type in “smiley emotocons” and then right click to copy it and then again on your comment and press “copy”? I don’t know. Does PT?

  3. : – ) 🙂
    ; – ) 😉
    : – ( 😦

  4. Snatch Balance: 145lbs 1RM (40lbs PR)
    5min Row @ 21rep/min: 1387meters

    While a little slower, when I concentrated the time/500m pace really wasn’t much different than my normal pace. Interesting…..

    • Good job on the snatch balance. How does that compare to your PR for your Snatch or Power Snatch? Ideally, you should able to snatch balance more than you can snatch as you get better at both movements.

      • 155 Power Snatch/115 Squat Snatch (thought I had done better but no record)

        Only second time doing Snatch Balance so I’m assuming that the ideal isn’t quite matched because of all of the snatches we sometimes do. I agree on the theory though. I bet with a little more practice the Snatch Balance could definitely get up there.

      • (meant to finish the thought)
        ….could definitely get up there because it seems (in my amatuer view) that it’s largely a skill of effectively dropping below the weight and catching it.
        My poor snatch balance attempts were when I took a giant dip and tried to launch the sucker.

    • Great job Ben on your first day with OHS, solid weight put up any day.

      • 155 OHS -maiden voyage! Felt good. I like this one! Row was challenging to keep at 22, but the discipline is fun to master:~1200m

  5. um i think that you just do a colon and then you do a parenthesis… this…ok that works on IM but apparently not on here. hmmm. when ever i do that it just does this 🙂 and it doesn’t turn into a smiley..hmmm

  6. Snatch Balance: 90# (20lbs PR!)

  7. Thanks for the help everyone 🙂
    Shawn your snatch balance should be more than your squat snatch which it is by a lot. Ultimately you will be able to squat snatch more than you power snatch.

  8. Okay I love this one 😳 Thanks Michael for the link.

    Kinda reminds me of myself when I do double unders before I go to the bathroom 🙂

  9. ok it did work!!i am xited!!!

  10. this ones cool!!!

  11. ok that was mags

  12. 😎

  13. i like it!!!

  14. 😆

  15. this one is funny!!!

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