December 11th, 2010

9 AM Class

CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Compare to here.


12 Responses

  1. 480– PRed on every lift! Yahoo!

    Thanks for training John, sorry it took so long!

  2. At the fire station today, we don’t have any racks. I decided to use a little good old fashioned fireman ingenuity and use a couple guys on my crew to be my “man made racks”. Squat-345 (50# PR), Press-175 (8# PR), Deadlift-345 (40# below my PR). Total 865 (21# PR). Bummed about the deadlift =(.

    • Joe:
      Don’t worry about the deadlift. Your other PR’s are awesome! A 50 # PR on your squat! That is a sick PR! After a big PR like that and another PR on your Press your nervous system was probably too blownout to really put a max effort into your deadlift. Lots of room for improvement on your deadlift for the next total that we do.

  3. 512.5 – (love those 1.25 lb weights!) squat 175, press 92.5, DL 245.

    Andrea- Nice work on PRing every lift! 🙂
    Brandie- 215lb back squat = amazing!
    Marie- 65lb PR on CFT is awesome!
    Matt- everything you lifted looked heavy- welcome and nice work.
    Fun and successful workout. Oh, how I will miss CFS after Friday. 😦

  4. WOOOOOWW!!! Awesome totals, you guys!! I’ve never done a CFT total yet… I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

  5. Second CFT I’ve missed now, doh!

    Good job CFS minions!! Another good day.

    • I was really surprised you weren’t there! 😯
      I thought for sure you would not miss another WOD involving squats. Don’t worry, you will just crush the next CFT that comes up by an even greater amount.

      • I was very tempted to come even with the rugby camp today (didn’t start till noon). Still have no idea how I’m so darn slow on the single sprint, totally missed out on someone ‘teaching’ running growing up.

  6. Very solid lifting by everybody at the gym today. Great form in all 3 lifts and awesome efforts by all. Tons of PRs! Kandi mentioned many of them, but there were even more. Definitely some strength building over the last couple of months in our gym.

    Thanks to everybody who showed up. It was a very fun day to coach.

  7. You guys are all amazing! Thank you John for all your pointers and tips, I learned a lot. Everybody is so supportive. I’m excited and honored to join this Crossfit family! Squat-320, shoulder press-145, dead lift-375=840…..Joe, you’ll enjoy the squat rack at station 75.

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