December 15th, 2010



Post loads to comments.


10 minute AMRAP of:

10 Deadlift 225#

15 Box jumps 20″

Post rounds completed to comments.


6 Responses

  1. f420 1RM Deadlift (385/405/415/425F/420)
    Didn’t quite have a PR in me today (gravity set higher? 🙂 ) but I’ll still take it. Brad was on fire today.

    10min AMRAP: 5 rounds + 8 box jumps Rx’d + 20# vest

  2. 430 1RM Deadlift (+5# PR)

    10 min AMRAP: 7 rounds + 4 Deadlifts

    Went pedal to the metal on the AMRAP until about the 6th-7th minute and then just tried to hold until the end. Might of got one more whole round if I paced better (but what fun would that be?). Deadlifts add up quick!

    • Rx’d for the AMRAP (but no vest 😉 )

      • I’ll leave it for you again when it’ll inflict a special kind of pain that you’ll both love the pain yet hate me little for it.

        Nice job on putting the pedal down to begin with. I still struggle with that. Especially on the shorter ones.

  3. Great workout tonight!
    1-1-1-1-1 @ 327 personal best and 4rounds +1DL Rx! Sorry I missed the morning crowd-but looks like you did alright without me. 5:15 class was kickin!

  4. Ben,
    Great job rxin it! That is a huge milestone. The one rep max was great too.

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