JV’s 2-legit-2-quit Chocolate Puddin’

Hey, hey! This is a yummy dessert that was passed down to me by our Head Honcho. Lets get real, the man knows his Paleo desserts!

2 avocados
1 Tbs chocolate cocoa
1 – 2 Tbs honey, or more to taste
1 banana (completely optional)

Mash all ingredients together, I used a food processor. You can use a potato masher, fork, or probably even a spoon if your avocados are ripe enough. After JV gave me this recipe I found it around a lot with bananas in it. I’ve tried it both ways and have noticed the banana gives it a creamier texture and lighter color. This banana is not necessary and for those looking at carbs, definitely leave it out.

Leave me food comments!
Eat Well, Friends!


3 Responses

  1. this is pretty rich…if you make whipped cream it is better.
    pretty good though!


  2. I can’t bLeev Jefferson hasn’t made this for me @ work! Wth?!?! He must b 2 bizzy staying in Beast Mode.. That’s what 4G will do to a guy. Casey ~ let me know if u need me to decipher this 4 u : )

  3. How rude of him not to, I’m convinced this dessert keeps him in beast mode. You must make it Jro!

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