Kombucha Emergency!

I’ve got a serious crisis on my hands, our Kombucha scoby has grown out of control. It’s so large, it’s affecting the production of this delicious fermented tea.

Here’s where you come into play: you need to take some of these babies off our hands! So the question is, what’s it gonna take to get you into brewing your very own tea today, or maybe by Monday? The brewing process is simple (even a husband can do it, oh snap!) and start-up supplies are easy to find.

Here’s a link with great videos explaining the whole process from start to finish. Is it me, or is it kinda gross how he contaminates the finished jar by sipping his tea to test it out, then dumps it back into the jar? Ehhh, see video 2.

Here’s what I’ll do: tell me in my comments that you want a baby and I’ll bring it to the gym for easy pick up. I’ll slip it into a plastic bag with a starter culture and you’re set. Easy as that!

Mushroom Lineage: our mushroom originally came from JV, technically we have JV’s baby, yes CV knew. You could be growing JV’s grandmushroom, kinda creepy? Kinda cool? Kinda put you into beast mode? I bet it will!

On a completely different topic I heard a statement this week which really resonated with me, I hope it does you too. “A flat stomach doesn’t happen in the gym, it happens in your kitchen.” Perfectly said, and unfortunately I forgot who said it!

Eat Well, Friends!


11 Responses

  1. Annie S. is my hero! That is the most ballinest post I ever did read. Props to the Steins for takin’ their nutrition to that final frontier and brewing this antioxidant and probiotic rich beverage in their kitchen. Good leaders setting a good example! If you all don’t try and get in on some of my grandbabies you are definitely not in beast mode.

    Speaking of beast mode, did anyone see Marshawn Lynch (the original beast mod-er) in action today. He is my hero! That TD run was the definition of beast mode.

  2. Oh my goodness Annie S. That is the best post ever. I was laughing out loud making a fool of myself. Of course, I often make a fool of myself but that’s beside the point.

  3. Combination is the cheat code!!!!! Fo-Shizzle my Komuchizzle Andrea 5000!!!!

  4. i watched the whole game…i even jumped on the couch when i saw that!
    i don’t know how many times my dad said “beast mode” that day!
    Yeah get some of my, wait if they are my dad’s grandbabies then then they are my i don’t know what but oh well..anyways you should get some whatever they are called!!!


    • Seriously, that was INSANE, and I don’t even WATCH football. I watched it on the instant replays on the news, again INSANE!! Nice, gotta love the words “Beast-Mode”!! Seriously, the little scoby-or-whatever-they’re-called rule!! They make awesome Kombucha! (did I spell that right?)

  5. I have had store bought Kombucha and it is great. Not sure I want to watch it being made, sort of like sausage. The fact that it is 2 bucks a bottle may convince me to give it a shot.

  6. Good job Glenn!!
    my dad made Kombucha the other day…it was weird the thing was HUGE it had so many things on it, COOL!

  7. maggie

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