January 11th, 2011

The Oly lifts, slo-mo style…

Hang power clean


Post loads to comments.


AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

3 Handstand push-ups
185 pound Deadlift, 7 reps
7 Chest to bar pull-ups
15 Double-unders

Post rounds completed to comments.



14 Responses

  1. Since these movements are meant to be fast & explosive, it was always difficult for me to see exactly how the athletes were performing the lifts. the slow-mo reel really helped dissect the movements and clearly show the triple extension….it is a thing of beauty when done correctly (…with psychedelic ghosting video effects and enya playing in the background, of course)… =)

    It was also interesting to see that even if there were different variations of the lifts between the athletes, almost all of the successful lifts had the barbell travel completely straight up from start to finish

    I think there is still an element of fear when it comes to getting under the bar in a snatch that I need to get over…. I’m sure my lifts will start to improve once I can get more aggressive in the catch position.

    …and mad props to the big man doing the handspring & tuck combo on 4:41….That was awesome.

    • Thanks Halee, I have been working on my round off at home.

    • Halee where are you!!!!!! I need you in the gym to root us on. Are you coming back any time soon? How are classes going for you? Good to hear from you brother, take care.

  2. 210 Hand Power Clean 1RM (first time 1RM)

    6 rounds + 2 pull ups scaled
    (1abmat(wahoo) HSPU and regular pull ups)

    Big props to Jim for the Rx(tough!) and Brad for killer anniversary improvement.

    • I swear the double unders are messing with me, 2 rounds were unbroken, 2 rounds w/ no more than 3 at a time. They’re like evil leprechauns.

  3. Sorry I missed this morning! Sounds like fun. Hard to go to sleep at a decent hour when you do the 5:15 class and then get up for 5:30…ugh. See you tomorrow. Great job guys!

  4. As Halee said seeing the bar path in slow mo helps a ton, now I can visualize what “your throwing your arms out away from your body” actually looks like. Also, the jump (as Jeff has always said) is not a very big one but it is explosive, I think i am concentrating too much on the jump and land and not stringing it all together. I will watch this again and again.

    I wonder how long before people (Casey) start showing up in skin tight weight lifting suits on Heavy days?

  5. 200 1 RM for the hang power cleans

    7 rounds Rx’d on the AMRAP

    HSPUs and chest-to-bar pull-ups were tough today. I was happy with the double-unders. I hurt something in my right foot a few weeks ago and I have been avoiding both double-unders and box jumps because they seem to aggravate it. But I did them today and I think I got through most rounds unbroken, which is a big improvement for my recent tangles with double-unders.

  6. Made it to 9:15 class. 200# HPC (1RM). 5 rounds 7 PU. 1ab mat HSPU /REG pull ups. D unders are UGH! Today was a good day for me!

  7. Fun day, thanks Casey for all the help with the Hang Power Cleans. Great showing at the 9:15.

  8. Just a thought… I seem to have a problem in O-lifts when it gets nearer to my limit to string everything together(i’m sure i’m the only one :)), Often only getting the pop or getting under the bar, not both.

    [for purposes of developing the lift, outside of normal activities] What do people think of doing the same warm-up we do with PVC/empty bar with a heavy bar? Meaning just doing the explosive shrug w/ 200lbs (90% 1RM?) on the bar until it feels right, then trying to do the ‘scarecrow’. Obviously fatigue will set in and probably not good for trying to PR a lift on that day, but just a thought…

  9. Shawn,
    Great thoughts. I actually think your o-lifts are coming along quite nicely. You are still pr-ing everytime. They take a lot of time and patience to develop. What you mentioned is exactly what “real o-lifters” do. They will take an entire workout and dedicate it to what they call the clean pull or the snatch pull. This is taking the bar from the ground and basically doing the deadlift, jump shrug portion of the lift. They will never rack the bar on their shoulders or bring it over head. They will do it with loads greater than one rep max so that the next time they do the whole lift it will seem light. Our biggest problem is time. Being CFers we play like 8 sports if you really break it down. It is hard to get great at all of them. You can definitely hit some oly practice in the warm up with a bar or even light weight. It might be hard to find enough time during the normal warm up to get much weight on the bar though. Just my thoughts on this issue. I have gone round and round in my head on how to improve in one area without taking from others and without spending all day in the gym. It is a tough problem.

    • Thanks Jeff, good knowledge. You’re right, if we tried to master everything crossfit touches we WOULD be in the gym all day long, and I think I and we’d rather do more fun things (mtn bike, climb, rugby, save the universe from evil aliens or zombies).

      I wonder if, like double unders, just spending a little personal time once a while would yield decent rewards. Just to get the mental switch turned on (like just spending a few extra personal minutes to get the double under rhythm pays off).

  10. I have always loved this video. Super cool! Thanks for sharing it.

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