January 12th, 2011

Brad the Whirlwind vs. the Anniversary WOD…

You may be thinking that the above picture is blurry because my baller new phone is not so baller at taking pictures of moving objects. Ah-ha my friend you are wrong. This was actually taken with a high tech camera specifically engineered for taking photos ofย  fast moving things like jet air planes trying to break the sound barrier, cheetahs running at top speed and D-Pav sprinting away from refined carbs. Even with this special tool in hand there was no way for the poor thing to keep up with Brad in beast mode. Today it was Brad vs. the Anniversary WOD. Everyone knows the mad fitness he sports, but today it was time to prove it. The first time Brad came to CFS he completed 8 rounds in 15 minutes of our traditional pull up, push press, squat AMRAP. Today he blazed through 22 rounds in the same amount of time! Approximately 160% increase in fitness in just over a year. Wow! Not bad for an old guy! Way to go Brad. Thanks for being a part of our gym. You are a joy to coach.


Six rounds for time of:
Carry 20 pound med ball 400 meters
105 pound Push press, 12 reps
12 Box jumps, 24 inch box
105 pound Sumo deadlift high-pull, 12 reps

Post time to comments.


27 Responses

  1. Great work Brad! Way to move well…Faster!

  2. You’re right, not bad for an old guy. Good job dad! It’s been so great to see your improvement over the last year. I’m so proud!

  3. Awe inspiring improvement Brad! Happy anniversary!

  4. Way to go Brad! That’s quite an improvement.

  5. 28:14 Snow Rx’d
    500m row for runs; 115 PP/95 SDHP (w/ only 3 people Jeff offered to allow us to do it as per CFHQ)
    Tough WOD, laid out afterwards! Thanks Jeff for the last round push, it was really awesome to finish @ 100%.

    Way to go Jim/Julia for getting in on a crummy day. Julia’s back! (speaking of missing ladies, I miss Marie, where are you? other classes? You were so close on pull ups!)

  6. I was witness to Brad’s awesomeness and have to say, he pretty much looked just as the picture portrays.
    I remember the first time I tried keep up with him on those air squats (max in 5mins) and nearly popped a quad trying.

    • Shawn, I keep forgetting to tell you. Your Grandbaby is in the gym fridge waiting to be adopted.

  7. Congratulations, Brad! You’re one of my favorite things about CFS! I only hope to be as fast as you someday.

    37:?? Did 6 rounds of Collin-ish-ish. I wish my body was feeling 100% because I really like the real exercises in Collin.

    Nice job 9:15!

  8. 28:27 ‘Snow Rx’d
    500m meter row, 115# PP, 95# SDHP

    Tried but could not much Shawn’s time (so close). Could not quite push myself during the last round complete more unbroken reps. Shawn was definitely in beast mode this morning. Ay, caramba! That was a brutal WOD!

    Good job to Brooke for completing the WOD snow Rx’d and to everyone else in the 9:15 class for completing it at all. I am pretty sure that scaling or subbing any of the exercises did not make it much easier to finish 6 rounds. I ask myself again, ‘Why do I think I like to row?’

    • It’s because you don’t, we should burn all the ergs!!

    • Thanks John for the encouragement throughout! And great time on a tough WOD!

    • Nice job yourself, great push! I only had that tiny edge due to some awesome last round (or 2) coaching from Jeff (gleaming off some of his beast-ness) and was flat on the floor dead afterwards.
      I agree any completion of this wod is tough work!

  9. 28:05

    Sub’d 35 DUs for the rowing
    Used 95lbs for both the PP and the SDHP

  10. Thanks everone for all the encouragement. BTW My legs are killing me.

    • Brad…what can I say< dad. You are a great compliment to an already great gym. I can't remember a time that you didn't kill a workout and that gives me such hope. You are always laughing and happy until the clock starts to beep and then you turn into a machine. In fact….have we checked to see if Brad is human? Nice work Brad on improving your already strong self in a year. What are you going to be doing next year?

  11. WOW BRAD! great job you are awesome!

  12. oh that was from maggie

  13. Brad—-you are a rock star! What incredible increases you have made in a year! And you are such a joy to workout with! Congratulations on your anniversary WOD! WOW!!

    36:xx Rx’d

    The tank was definitely empty after this workout but my latte was a delicious reward!

  14. 38:17 – ran w 20# ball, did lifts @ 95# and box jump @ 24″. Wow I was spent, but what a great workout!

  15. 33:03 45#, (no medicine ball)
    Ouch, this one hurt. But good job everybody! Especially all of you who ran with the medicine ball. You guys killed it!

  16. Great Job Brad! Any time you are compared to cheetahs, Jet planes, and Marshawn Lynch it’s a good day!

  17. Brad that picture is almost as awesome as you are!!! Great job on your anniversary wod. I have to agree with every comment made about you on today’s post. You are quality peeps.

    Well, here comes my public proclamation with the hope of accountability from my CFS family:

    New plan of action:
    CFS 4 days a week
    Mon, Wed, 9:30 class
    Tues, Thurs 5:30am class
    anything more is gravy….

    Short term goals:
    Double Unders
    Pull Ups
    Big boy push ups

    They say goals are more likely to be met when written down. Here we go………. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Marie
    Great goals! Good job setting up a specific plan. Just a heads up though…the class is @ 9:15 not 9:30. Wouldn’t want you to be 15 min. late ๐Ÿ˜‰

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