January, 17th, 2011


21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to here.


11 Responses

  1. 10:53 scaled
    (1abmat+10# plate)
    way better than before: 24:10 w/ 3abmat, climbing up posts to get into HSPU, and bleeding on the wall (it was the first time ever doing HSPUs).

    Always fun to compare to a WOD you did in the first 6 weeks of CrossFit.

    Big props to Jim & Ryan who Rx’d the HSPUs. Tough work!

  2. 7:09 – HSPU w 2 ab mats. Prev was 157#DL& 3 ab mat HSPU (2 day at Xfit)-Big improvement in 4 months! Should have done one abmat…need to work on confidence. Great 9:15 class. Props to John for the full Rx!

  3. 8:21 with scaled HSPU (35#, 15# and 2 abmats) Last time through in June 2010 was 145# DL and Box P/U with a 20″ box at about 9:00 min. Great crowd today!

  4. 15:36 Rx’d (first time Rx’d)

    Big class at 9:15. Congrats to everyone that got their first full HSPU today (including Ben, any other guys?) , but especially to Andrea. Who I think is the first CF Snohomish female, aside from CFS superhero Charity Vale, to get one. It has got to be the kombucha tea!

  5. Totally the tea! Thanks, John! And congrats to everyone, great workout. CFS: I’m back! For whatever reason I’ve bonked every workout for the past 4 weeks- no joke, but today felt like the old AnnieS in the gym. I guess it takes 4 weeks to get Christmas cookies out of your system?? I’m elated!

    8:58 w/ 1.5 ab mats. Huge improvement since the last of 63# DL and HSPU on a box.

  6. Great job everyone this morning. It is great to watch each other slowly but surely improve on these WOD”s. It goes to show you that hard work in the gym everyday and watching your diet only improves your ability in the gym. I saw a great example of this in the 915 class. You guys are inspiring!!!

  7. My schedule is going to be a little off this week, but I’ll still be there! 🙂

    Scaled 107# for deadlift
    Scaled 2 abmats for hspu

    last Diane was 55# dl & hspu on a box 7min +

  8. 7:19 scaled with 2 abmats. Nice work John and Ryan!! Awesome performance!!

  9. Way to go everyone! Sounds like an amazing day at the gym. Bummed I missed it.

  10. 205 lbs deadlift
    2 abmats


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