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Fish & Chips (kinda)

Although the title of the recipe is fish & chips, you may notice a few green trees. Apparently during this photo shoot we weren’t eating chips that day. For the days that we do, I simply slice sweet potatoes pretty thin and roast them with olive oil and s & p until brown. I basically did the same thing to these broccoli’s but just added a head of roasted garlic to them.

This recipe was nearly 100% inspired by a perfect one on Comfy Belly’s website (why are her pics always so amazing??). Since we got a 1/2 of a grass-fed cow I realized we’ve been eating tons of beef. When I ran across this recipe I was pleasantly surprised, since we’ve added fish to our weekly rotation and have enjoyed making our own sauces to accompany it.

Fish: we’ve been using cod because it’s cheap, but I’m sure any fish would work. We buy 2 pounds, hoping for leftovers! Cut into big chunks
1 cup coconut flour (I’ve used almond flour too, works great)
1 – 2 tsps of dried dill
1 – 2 teaspoon of sea salt
1 egg, scrambled
coconut oil

How to:

On a plate, blend the coconut flour, salt and dill with a fork.

Add enough coconut oil to a frying pan or skillet (on medium heat) to cover the entire bottom with oil, and then add extra oil that will be absorbed by the fish.

Dip cut fish into egg. Using a dry hand redip the fish in the flour mixture and then place it in the heated pan.

Flip the fish over when browned. Coconut & almond flours burn easily and quickly! Once you get a browned crust on both sides, finish them off in a 325 degree oven.

Serve with your favorite condiments: lemon, tarter, or ketchup.

AnnieS announcement: I have a new (and almost improved) blog: www.pragmaticpaleo.com Check it out and leave me comments! Who made the 5 spice soup from last week? Am I not kidding when I say it’s wonderful?

Eat well, Friends!


9 Responses

  1. Guys, these fish and chips are delicious! Also, when you get a chance you should check out Annie’s new Pragmatic Paleo site. All the recipes from Livin Paleo are there as well as new ones. Pragmatic Paleo is the future! Viva la Pragmatic Paleo!

  2. I just made the 5 spice soup tonight for dinner and everyone loved it. Yes it is wonderful!

    • I’m so excited, Betty! We LOVE it too, it leaves your house smelling so yummy! Did you make your own stock?

      • Yes, I made the stock and there was enough to freeze for my next batch of soup. And yes, the house smells wonderful! Thanks for the great recipe! Brad saw the fish and chips recipe and wants me to try that soon.
        Where do you get the coconut flour?

  3. I found some on sale at Freddy’s, Bob’s Red Mill. It’s really fine, I like the texture of it. When it’s not on sale it’s a little expensive.

  4. I am going to tell ask my parents if they can make the 5 spice soup.
    The soup sounds great!


    • Yes, they should make you the soup, it’s good! But I just made some brownies and thought you should make them too! They’re on my new website.

  5. AMAZING dinner! I went down to the SnoIsle Coop in Everett and picked up some Coconut flour & oil, and got some great chunky Rockfish from Costco – made as perscribed (sub’d cayanne (sp?) pepper for dill – personal choice) and it was AMAZING! Everyone in the family loved it…and I have it in my lunch today too. Thanks for the great recipe…looking forward to the next. Ben

  6. […] you get 16 oz.  Fred Meyer carries a product that’s not organic for $9.99.  Remember my fishstick recipe?  You’ll use a whole jar of coconut oil frying these guys up, so make sure you get them […]

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