January 26th, 2011

“The competition itself will be worth the journey.” Tony Budding

The 2011 CrossFit Games season will soon be upon us. This year’s first layer of competition begins March 15th. Starting that date, each week for six weeks there will be an “event” to complete. It can either be completed at a registered affiliate (details on that coming soon) or performances can be submitted by video. The top combined scores from the six events will win competitors a spot at a regional competition. The top performers there will move on to the CrossFit Games at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA this July. The goal of this open type of format for the first phase of the competition is so that more people can participate. The more people competing, the better the chance of truly finding the fittest individual on the planet. And that is what the Games are all about. Click here for more info on the CrossFit Games Open coming in March. Take some time to read the comments section there too. Many complainers, many supporters. Look for comments from Tony Budding. He is in the know.

On another, closely related note, if you are able to Rx most of the WODs we do and put up decent times and are considering competing, but are afraid  you might get beat. Let me break the suspense. You will get beat. But in the process you will grow as a person, as and athlete and will not regret having done it. Tony Budding summed it up perfectly in the comments section when he said, “The competition itself will be worth the journey.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. These events are all about overcoming obstacles, pushing your body where you have never been before and doing it all alongside other great people in a supportive atmosphere.

Overhead Squat


Compare to here.


Resting 60 seconds between sets:
Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2


11 Responses

  1. Despite Jeff breaking my heart with the news I won’t win, I think it could be good fun to do the CrossFit Open. I definitely won’t win, and may come up “Did Not Finish” on a WOD due to my inability at muscle ups, pistols or yada… but I think a neat experience taking some time out to do it and have a reason to push it as hard as possible (not that that isn’t a normal day at CFS).
    Provided some of the details that come out don’t make it either stupid or worthless for me to play, I’ll do it and hope there are some other valiant people to do it too. So if anyone else is going to play (other than Jeff who’ll win the thing and buy gold plated kettlebells for the gym) you’ll have some company with bad jokes.

    • Great Shawn! I highly doubt you’ll regret it. Are you going to sign up for the Marysville Throwdown that Jeff blogged about too or do you still need to wait to see if any rugby matches conflict with the dates in May for that competition?

      • I’m going to register, let them know I might bail 3-4 weeks before comp. I just won’t know until then as it entirely depends on how we do. I’ll be there cheering you on (and whoever else wants some fun). Any others in for some fun?

    • Awesome Shawn!!! It is setting up for an awesome atmosphere in CFS during the spring.

  2. Ovehead Squat: 200x1RM
    Deadlifts: 400x2RM
    385-385-390-395-400-400-390-385-380-380 on the minute

    It was a good twist with the timing. I like the mix up on the deadlifts.

    I like the two exercises. It’s a bit rushed sometimes, and some days it’s nice to spend the whole day on a movement, but I’ve enjoyed heavy+short wod days. Seems to keep me focused.

    Amy’s got style, chewing gum while overhead squating making it look easy.

  3. Nice OHS. 200# is a big # for that lift!

  4. OHS: 155
    DL: started at 275, worked up to 305 and then went back down to 275

  5. OHS: 147
    Dead lift: Finished at 347

  6. backsquat: 185 (10# pr)
    deadlift finished at 200

    A big shout out to my bff, Jim, who pulled off a 175 OHS. When looking at today’s board it would appear I lifted 10 pounds more than him. Though we had a good laugh, and I secretly wish I could OHS that, he is pretty amazing.

    Thanks for the great coaching today, Ryan, you gave me a cue on my last lift and it helped tremendously!

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