February 8th, 2011

Scrum it up…


 I am proposing that we consider March 5th our official “Go watch Shawn get in a scrum day.” I have no idea what a scrum is other than what I can glean from the above picture, but it is the only rugby specific term I know so I am going to throw it around a bit. Shawn is a beast. We all know that, but even more so he is a vital member of CFS. Always giving 110%. Always humble. Always encouraging. Rugby is one of the main reasons Shawn does CF. I think it is time we go see his beastliness in action on the field. The game is at 1pm at Magnuson Park.

First, post how much you like watching Shawn back squat 415# for 3 reps to comments. Then post whether you can attend the rugby match or not to comments.  


Two rounds for time of:
200 Double-unders
135 pound Overhead squat, 50 reps
50 Pull-ups
Run 1 mile

Post time to comments.

40 minute time cap. Come in and get warmed up quickly so we can start this WOD 10 minutes after the beginning of class.


19 Responses

  1. I like watching Shawn bs 415#. Stein’s are in for the match on the 5th, we’ll bring the banners! I need to bing rugby and figure out what the heck is going on so I can tell how awesome Shawn is doing.

  2. I like watching Shawn back squat 415# for 3 reps!!!

    The Cheek’s will definitely be there.

  3. I missed out on the 415 x 3 squat awesomeness, but I am definitely in for the celebration of the first annual “Go watch Shawn get in a scrum day.”

    Looking forward to seeing our resident squat beast in action!

  4. well that was flattering, thanks Jeff! Good choice of picture, the guy in the middle of the pic with the most visible face is the position I play. The most glorious part of rugby, the scrum. (anyone who says differently I guarentee has pretty hair (with gel) and calls himslef a back)

    Carrie (my wife) has offered to give instructional commentary for anyone wanting it.

    I’ll try not to disappoint!!

  5. Shawn is a machine in the gym and fun to watch especially when he makes those HEAVY back squats look EZ..

    I plan on attending the March 5th Shawn-a-palooza. BBC America shows Rugby matches from time to time.

  6. I think if you added up all 3 of my reps for my 3-rep max it might add up to 415lbs… I’m excited to see you kick some tail at the match!

  7. I did not get the chance to watch the awesomeness of Shawns 415 squats, so I can only imagine what that was like. Very impressive Shawn!! You are an animal!!
    I really want to go to the match, but I’m on duty that day. Hopefully, that will just be the 1st of many matches that we can go to. Sounds like it’s going to be a great time.

  8. 1 round + 95 double unders w/ 115 OHS’s
    everyone seemed to have lost their pull up rhythm by the time they got there. be warned!

    Great patient efforts by everyone this morning, and special props to Jim for kicking butt, especially on the DU’s. I’m still doing SU-DU-SU-DU and think it’s time I just suck it up and get the DU-DU-DU skill down.

    And style points to Brad who just stopped by mid WOD to say “yep, that looks tough,” smile and leave. (no idea what he actually said, was too tired to hear)

  9. I am definately in for Shawn’s match that day!!!

  10. I was as scaly as a fish today!

    40:00 – 1rd + 40 DU (100 DU 1st round/75# OHS/50 PU/ 1 M

    Humble day – but great!

  11. 35:42 1 round (scalled to 100 double-unders, 115 # OHS)

    My double-unders, normally not a strength anyway, are a nightmare now that I have tried to lay off them and box jumps to heal up a problem I have in my right foot. Started tighening up during the run, so I stopped after that.

    Aren’t injuries fun?

  12. Super awesome, just remember to treat it well!

    1 round + 36 DUs. I got a lot farther than I thought I would, I literally thought it was going to take me 40 mins to do 100 dus. I was kind of shocked that I kept moving onto the next exercises. The cool thing about this wod is that the worse you are, the less you do. Therefore Jim was our 5:30 am hero, he got far into the 2nd round! For me, it was nice to be in a class where there’s others who are double under challenged. All you guys are way better than me, but it was nice to struggle along with some peeps.

  13. 46:12 Scaled to 200 single unders/round, and 85# OHS.

    Got frustrated with the DU, so at about 30, I went with the singles.
    Thank you John for letting me finish that last mile.

  14. Shawn is a beast! I love it! Great work on those 3 squats at 415–that was incredible!! I’m in for the match on March 5th.

    Great job 5:15!!

    I really wanted to finish, but I was so exhausted after the 40 minutes. Those OHS kicked my butt!!

    1 round + 30 PU (Scaled-85# OHS)

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