February 16th, 2011

The Kitchen Gadgets Part 3: The whip cream squirter thingy.

2T got me one of these for my birthday. It is amazing. We are big whip cream fans at our house. In a perfect world we use raw cream, but the only kind that is available on the market right now is a bit thin and makes like light whip cream. To be honest the words “light” and “cream” are oxymorons so most of the time we go for second tier whip cream. We buy the Organic Valley heavy whipping cream from TJ’s. This is the only heavy whipping cream we have found that has no addatives and is not ultra-pasteurized. Oddly enough, if you buy the same brand from another store it will be ultra-pasteurized. Enough on that. Lets’s get to the contraption. The best part about this is how simple it is to use. You pour a pint of cream in along with 1 Tbs. of maple syrup, screw the lid on, screw on a CO2 cartridge (similar to the kind you put on a bee-bee gun), shake it a few times and you are ready to roll. Store it in the fridge and it will last as long as the cream would normally last. In our house the pull date on whip cream is rarely a problem. Have fun feeling like some high class barista with this one.

Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to here.


3 rounds not for time of:

15 slow controlled leg raises

15 DB rows 53#/35#

Post impressions to comments.


21 Responses

  1. 165-185-205-215-220
    1st time doing FS in 3’s, but PR of 15# over single FS max in Dec!

    The working sets were great. Don’t get a lot of time to “work” on a skill like leg raises. Tough movement.

    Diet was in the conversation today. Trying to be mostly Paleo right now, but struggling some with sugar mainly. Also as Andrea point out yesterday…running out of gas (even mo then normal).

    5 mo CFS anniversary today…just glad to be here!

    • Nice PR Ben. That is a very solid improvement in only 2 months!

    • just like it’s nice to have other people to struggle on DU’s w/ Brad/Ryan’s DU awesomeness nearby. It’s nice to have others struggle with some food, sugar’s my achilles as well.

      Sugar is probably my biggest weakness. Especially during stressful/busy times. I do best when I remember to have good snacks around and remind myself the benefits of good food and the killer problems sugar causes my performance. I can do good often, but doesn’t mean I always do. Last Monday sucked (forgot to bring food, worked through lunch on urgent urgent project, crap at vending machine 5 times, paid for that later!)

      I try to remember Patience Patience, just like everything else in CrossFit. I’ve tried not to stress about failing, and just do better with the next rep (had awesome healthyness for Monday dinner and helped huge). While I still crash sometimes in discipline, my overall sugar intake the past 9 months had dropped very very steadily, and getting easier and easier to “dial in” the Good Food. It’d be awesome to flip the switch from bad to purely good, but if it doesn’t…. it’s still awesome.

  2. Happy anniversary!! Isn’t it amazing how far you’ve gotten just in 5 months? Even your body composition has changed, in fact I was looking around the 5:30 class this morning and noticed everyone’s body composition has changed!

    140# met my pr from Jan.

    I really don’t understand how everyone claims to go strict paleo and then claim they feel so much better, some days I do, some I don’t. I’ve started to keep track of my food to try and pinpoint my holes. Any other advise, please speak up!!

  3. 3RM: 317
    275-297-317-327F(failed 3rd, let it lean)

    almost kind of glad I failed on a rep. I sometimes have a hard time pushing to failure.

  4. Worked up to 3-rep max of 175lbs (10lb PR)

  5. There is no way that i am qualified to speak to anyone about food or weight loss. I want to preface whatever I write with I have no training or expertise in this subject and many of you probably know more than I do. I can tell you what worked for me over the last year or so and that is all I know… First of all know that food is extremely emotioanl and people eat for many different reasons. This is why it is so hard to talk about because of the underlying emotional response we all have with food. You have to decide for yourself what your goal is. Are you strictly looking for aesthetics for the summer season or are you looking for performance in the gym. I believe that you can have both to a certain degree. If you are truly looking to cut weight and want the abs to pop out of your shirt than you need to stay low carb (60-80 carbs daily) and stop eating at the table when you are satisfied. I ate a lot more fat during this time to keep me full in between meals. I didn’t eat on a schedule and only when I was hungry. I stopped eating when I was satisfied.
    If you are looking for gains in the gym as well you might feel like you have less energy for a few weeks while your body is thanking you for only putting real food in its tank. We shouldn’t be “bonking” but you may feel like you are a little short on energy for some of the longer “WOD’s”. If you are working out now on an empty stomach in the mornings try eating a half a banana (15-20 carbs) and peanut butter before a long workout. I promise that the feeling on no energy will go away after a month or so when your body switches what it burns from the carbs that we use to eat to the fat that is on our body.

    • That is where I am now – 1/2 Summer 1/2 Gym. I am 41 days into no grain, 11 days into 60-80 carbs, no lagooms, no dairy & very little sugar (working to NO). I do feel different, and will push on…just wish i’d drop 5 lbs overnight to keep me a believer.
      Oh well…maybe Fran will help tomorrow. 🙂

    • Nice post Ryan.

  6. 3RM = 237

    60-80 Carbs per meal…. right??? 🙂

  7. Thank you Shawn, Andrea, John & Ryan for your food thoughts. Realizing more and more how it is all intertwined…just trying to figure out how to build a better machine.

  8. Great thoughts on food everyone. Ryan- Thanks for your insight. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  9. 150lbs x 3 front squat

    Joined the muscle up club!

  10. Thanks. I was pretty happy about it. Went running and jumping around the gym! ha ha!

  11. Did this one at the university gym while I was at work yesterday, next the almost the entire track team, so I was a little intimidated to fail (especially because I didn’t have bumper plates on the bar).

    135#-3x was the heaviest I went

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