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February 17th, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Maggie!

We love you so much Mags! We are so proud of the young lady you are becoming. You are a shining, living example of the love of Jesus. Thank you for the many ways you bless our family.


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.

Compare to here.


39 Responses

  1. Happy B-day Mags!

  2. Happy Birthday Maggie!

  3. Happy Birthday Mags! Only the cool people have Birthdays in February πŸ™‚ We all miss seeing you in the gym and I especially miss your encouragement on my runs.

  4. Happy Birthday “PB” (Princess Beast!)

  5. Happy Birthday Maggie : )

  6. Happy Birthday Maggie!!! Hope you have a great day and I hope to see you soon.

  7. Happy B-Day!

  8. Happy birthday, Mags, Magicilious, Magster, Godz Girl, PT, Maggie and all other nicknames I can’t think of right now. Your parents must be old to have an 11 year old!!

    9:11 rx’d
    The 5:30 boys got it done FAST! Congrats on all the first timers, everyone got incredible times!

    • Jv, thanks for the encouragment and training during the wod. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have met my goal w/o you constantly telling me to pick up my bar.

  9. Happy Birthday Maggie!!

    4:36 Rx’d
    Thank you 5:30 class for taking me in. My hat is off to you guys cuz dang that’s early to workout, and everybody was so chipper! πŸ™‚ Nice work!!

  10. Happy Birthday Mags!!!! πŸ™‚

  11. 8:09 Rx – 1st time Fran. Really helped to have the 5:30 crew in full attendance. Great energy!

  12. Happy Birthday Maggie!

  13. Thanks for the birthday comments!
    I miss coming to the gym and I hope I can come there soon!

    Magster, Maggie, PB, PT, Godz girl, Mags, Magilicious, Margret Elizabeth (and no my name is NOT actually Margret it is just maggie!)

  14. 4:19 Rx’d. 1:10 PR from my last Fran this summer.

    Did this WOD in between the 2 morning classes due to a meeting I had at 9 AM. I was really impressed by seeing the times of all the 5:30 class people that did this one Rx’d. Great job!!! You always hear about the big-time CF gamers doing a two minute Fran. But I feel that for most mortals getting an Rx’d Fran in the 7-10 minute range Rx’d is a good first goal and a time that you should be proud of. Congrats to everyone that gets there today.

    Once you are able to do Fran in under 7 minutes you enter the zone where Fran really hurts after the WOD as much as during, if not more. Embrace the suck!

    • Rock Solid John! Huge Gain!

      Next time we make CFS shirts, I’m making yours with CFS logo + your quote of “Embrace the suck”

  15. 6:00 Rx’d: 16secs PR

    5:30 was rocking it!! Who needs the sun, we have darklifter mojo!!

  16. Happy Birthday to my wonderful Maggie. I showed your picture to my friends at work that your dad put on here and they all think you are beautiful. I told them about the beauty within you also. You are a very very speical grandaughter. I love you.


  17. 16:xx Rx’ed Thanks to Brandie, Joe and Jeff for the encouragement and for waiting around.

    • Nicely done G. All that progress with pull-ups that you have made the last few months paid off with an RX’d Fran Glenn. Way to go!

    • If I’ve got it right, I do believe this is your first WOD with 100% Pull-Ups as Rx’d, yes? And what a WOD to do it on!! Brave new world.
      Congrats Glen!!

    • G, you’re amazing!! Congrats on your rx!!

    • Thanks everyone. I attribute my recent success to the spawn of Jesse D. scoby I came across thanks to Annie S. I am working on batch #3 of Kombucha Tea right now. Yummy stuff.

      I was lamenting my epic WOD time that could have been measured using a Mayan calendar but JV reminded me how far I have come thanks to CF and especially everyone at CFS. Awesome place.

  18. Happy birthday Maggie!

  19. Delaney and I definitely agree with Glenn, Mags—February birthdays ROCK…and so do you! Happy birthday! We miss you Vale girls and will have to do a playdate sometime soon! Enjoy your special day!

  20. 6:01 Rx’d (0:47 PR), was super stoked and excited about doing Fran today but slightly disappointed as I wanted to be in the 5 minute range. Though I was happy that I did the first round as fast as JV does the whole Fran WOD (2:20 something…..crazy)

    Brandi absolutely crushed it this morning and Glenn’s front squat phase of the thrusters was good all the way through!

  21. Mags–Happy Birthday Princess Beast–the best nickname of them all! Hope to see you in the gym soon.

    Glenn—awesome job today! I’m so glad you Rx’d Fran…..you’re going to kill that time when it comes up again. Your pull ups are only going to get better. They really looked good today—say bye bye to the purple band!! Yeah!

    Joe—well done today! Perfect pull ups–I wish mine would look like that. You’ll be in the 4 to 5 minute range in no time at all.

    4:53 Rx’d

    • This is how I want to be known in the gym, because just knowing this girl makes you stronger and makes you push harder! Seriously Bran—nice work girl! I knew CF would be the perfect thing for you! SO proud of my bestie in all her workouts, but especially this one! You rock lady!

    • Nice job Brandie!!!!! I need to try and get the butterfly pullups too….

      Way to go 5:15 class. Everyone did a great job. Way to Rx Dawn, Halee and Tom.

      7:21 Rx’d

    • WOW! Under 5 minutes… incredible! Nice work! πŸ™‚

  22. Great job to everyone on Fran today. Special props to Glenn and Dawn. That is amazing you guys rx’d it. you have both been working so hard at your strength and your pull ups so hard and it is paying off. Nice work.

    Tom M.-Great job on the muscle up the other day! I can’t believe how fast you got those. Nice work!

  23. Smoly Hokes! I underestimated that one. Thanks for the encouragement 5:15 class though!

    14:43 Rx’d

    Thanks JV!

  24. A belated Happy Birthday, Maggie. Hope you had a wonderful day! πŸ™‚

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