Product Review: Uncured Beef Bacon

I have this weird obsession with the “what’s new” section at Trader Joes.  I wistfully stare at each shelf holding seasonal candies, the latest coffee/chocolate mixture, all the new cereal bars, and even their new flours.  Being a sucka, this has gotten me into trouble in the past when I found a peanut flour there (you should have seen it’s cute packaging) and had to buy it!  It made killer peanut butter cookies, but I won’t even go into the killer gastrointestinal inflammation I got on double unders.  That day I found out what peanuts do to me…So you can imagine my excitement when I found this bacon, fitting into the primal world, it was a no brainer to throw it into my cart.

Here’s our reviews:
Zoey:  medium (?)
Sadie:  thumbs up
Casey:  thumbs down (as far as a bacon), liked it, but prefers the pig version
Annie:  thumbs medium.  It tasted great, but there was hardly any fat.  I’m a huge fan of cooking my eggs in bacon fat, today my eggs were sticking to the pan.  Booo!  

Has anyone else tried this bacon? Has it always been there and I just found it? Give me your reviews!

Eat warm, Friends!


2 Responses

  1. We’ve tried it. It seemed too lean for the Vale fam. Reminded us too much of turkey bacon. Lean and bacon in the same sentence just doesn’t make any sense, ever!

  2. Why is bacon ALWAYS made with sugar!

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