March 16th, 2011


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Parallette handstand push-ups
10 Toes through rings
20 pound Medicine ball cleans, 15 reps

Post rounds completed to comments.


9 Responses

  1. Who has two thumbs and is so happy he spent time this past few weeks learning to string double unders together…

    —> This guy! <—

    • You should do pretty well on the 1st Open WOD Shawn. It is great that you will have such a quick and real pay off for your last few weeks’ of hard work.

  2. lol – way to go Shawn…when I saw what the 1st wod was I thought about you…
    Good Luck!!!

    I’m sure you all will do well…
    Can’t wait to see the results when they come in.

    • thanks Kris. Will you be joining any of the fun? I bet you could give that WOD a run for it’s money as well!

      • Not officially – I may just see where I would rank on my own. That wod actually looks pretty hard if you watch the videos, I think it sounds easier than it really is, but I guess that is Crossfit for you.

  3. 7 rounds + 1 medicine ball clean

    Just did regular HSPU instead of the parallette HSPU.
    Brad, you are Amazing!! You should be in the games!!

    Been working on my DU’s all night trying to get ready for tomorrow. I bet CFS Rocks this WOD!

  4. I’m joining the DU club…I didn’t when you started due to already really bad shin splints but were all healed.
    DU’s 9 Done, is that where we are at?

    Oh my WOD, today 5 rounds did my HSPU with 3 mats and did a wall climb since I’m still scared to kick my legs up. Atleast I’m off the box….

  5. Awesome to have you join the cult, I mean challenge Dawn. Glad you’re feeling better Today is:
    DU Day 17: DUx9
    Andrea’s going to be a little behind us when she restarts. Just let me know when you restart so we can track together.

  6. 7 rounds plus all toes thru rings

    Modified the hspu-1abmat plus 1 plate
    This was a burner!!!

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