March 21st, 2011

The Real Food Cookoff

And the winners are…wow it was razor close. A perfect score being 15 points, literally the top 10 entries were probably within a point of each other. I have been to a lot of Super Bowl parties, Christmas parties and all other sorts of potluck type events. Across the board this was by far the best food I have had at any one event. All 19 entries were delicious. I didn’t try one thing that I wouldn’t make again and the best part is they were all made with the highest quality ingredients. Huge kudos to  some of our CF kids too. Shyanne and Naomi had some amazing “Real Food” desserts. Naomi made Mini Apple Spice Cake Muffins with cream cheese frosting that were outstanding and had an ingredient list as solid as her rope climbin’ muscles! Shyanne made her signature Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches. Amazing! Complete with little frozen strawberry slices inside.  I love to see kids learning how to prepare Real Food for themselves and also realizing that it can be fun. Way to go girls. I feel bad that I can’t mention more, but all of the entries are worthy of mention. Hopefully you took home some recipes and plan to make many of these recipes a part of your weekly meal rotations.

Well, enough with the chit chat. Lets get down to the bragging rights. That is what this is really all about right? Well, the ultimate rights this year belong to the Vale girls for their Real Food Sundaes made with Joey’s raw vanilla ice cream, Maggie’s monkey junk and Carlie’s organic whip cream. Since they have a free lifetime membership to CFS already, they took the second place prize of $50 to the Sno-Isle Food Co-op and have already decided how they plan on spending it down to the penny. In second place by 6 one hundredths of a point was Betty for her Strawberry Dark Chocolate Crepes. Amazing! And made from nothing but real food. Wow, nice work Betty you get $150 off next month’s dues.  Third place is no surprise, Dawn, one of our veteran real food fanatics won $25 to the Co-op for her Mexican-Style Pozole which was garnished with grass fed homemade (that’s right folks, she actually made it at home) cheese, hot sauce, cabbage and radishes. Excellent creativity on this one. Thanks for sharing Dawn! Also worth mentioning was Betty’s lasagna made with cabbage instead of noodles. It was one one hundredth of a point out of third place. Betty is quickly becoming a Real Food icon, and well, I  must admit I’m a groupie!

Anyway, that about wraps it up. Like I said  the food was the best I have had on so many levels. Everything from the antelope stew to the Paleo Phad Thai was top notch. I was so proud and amazed. More pics will be coming soon on the blog (Glenn?).

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Compare to here.


15 Responses

  1. Clean and Jerk: 1RM 212lbs (12lbs PR)
    practice practice practice on landing that bar into the rack position… Great job Brandie/Jim

    Took a second whack at the Games WOD1:
    4 rounds + 10 Snatches
    DU’s not nearly as good as last time, but Snatches much more efficient (thanks Jeff for good suggestion) so they evened out to just a bit higher score 🙂
    Remnding myself of good CrossFit patience. Even though the DU’s frustrated me a little this morning, they are WAY better than 4-6 weeks ago.

  2. Hey, great job everybody on the food, it was all delish!!!!
    Out of like 19 entries NOTHING tasted bad….amazing!!!
    That was so much fun yesterday, at the cookoff!


  3. 1 rep max: 115 PC&J (5# pr)


  4. Sorry I missed the get together yesterday, sounds like there was some awesome food. I can’t believe I missed the chance to sample both Vale family ice cream and monkey junk!

    207# 1 rep max clean & jerk from the hang vs. the floor (working on not pulling with my arms). Not a PR, but made some progress on the technique. It stinks that I can’t translate my love and appreciation for olympic lifting into easily aquired skill in them.

  5. Just worked on my DU’s today at work. after some frustration, I finally got 12. It seems like I lose concentration when I start counting.

    My buddy that I brought to the cookout thanked me and said that was the best food he’s ever had….. I’d have to agree!!

  6. 115# C&J

    20#PR today (now that I show up to heavy days:)). Thanks for the encouragement Jeff!

    Great ladies workout at 4:15pm today! Nice job Kris, Dawn, and Shayanne! And Brandie, I know I always say it, but you are amazing! You will get those muscle-ups in no time!

  7. I’m not sure if it’s 10 DUs today or 11, but I got them done!

  8. 225 lbs back squat x 1 (sore elbow, so no cleans for me)

  9. Worked up to 170 lbs (10lb PR) on the PC&J. However, it was pretty ugly, more like a PC & push press.

  10. […] here for last year’s reigning […]

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