March 25th, 2011

Five rounds for time of:
45 pound barbell Overhead walking lunges, 50 feet
21 Burpees

Let trailing knee gently kiss the ground on each lunge.

Post time to comments.


8 Responses

  1. For those awesome DU challengers
    DU Day 25: DUx13
    check! now time to savor a rest day!

    • I left you your new scoby, it’s in the fridge.

      Congrats on your 13, I’m still stuck on 9! That was my highest during Annie too.

  2. 10:50 Rx’d


  3. What he really means is DUx20….check! Thanks for having my back today, Nutty, when my husband tried to add :01 seconds to my time!

    16:29 rx’d (:57 sec pr, thank you dairy!) The last time we did this I remember how hard/heavy the lunges got. What a difference a year makes, way more manageable this time.

    Way to rock it 9:15, welcome newcomers!

  4. 13:27 rx’d

    Did this one at work yesterday and did a run outside today—too nice to pass it up. Going to make-up yesterday’s workout on Sunday. Happy SUNNY Friday everyone!

  5. 13:01 rx’d Did this one last August and forgot to write my time down. I’ll go with a 10min pr. Nice work Brook.

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