April 12th, 2011

Seven rounds for time of:
10 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
10 Pull-ups

Post time to comments


20 Responses

  1. 8:58 Rx
    Great to be back with the 5:30 crew! Great job everyone. Jim crushed it today – very inspiring. Worth getting out of bed for, huh Jim? Haha

  2. 9:37 maybe Rx’d
    I completely forgot to count rounds until 4-5 mins in. so I’m not sure if I did 6, 7 or 8 rounds. Doh!
    Jim’s a pull up machine!

  3. 5:34 rx
    Jim must be a pull up machine that is an awesome time that he got.
    Ben, I see you’re still avoiding me.

  4. I actually did the entire workout! felt good and exhausting 🙂

    15:27 14lb ball…1 round blue band, 6rounds green band!

    nice work guys!

  5. Just for fun (hopefully Jeff doesn’t mind me doing this on his blog).

    Anyone have guesses on the movements in the next Open WOD 11.4?

    I think pull ups are due. +K2E or T2B if they’re feeling evil, but pull ups feel inevitable. There goes any ranking progress I made. 🙂

    Running//rowing seems obligatory parts of fittness, but doubtful they’ll do it due to video judge and inevitable complaints of how to measure standard distance.

  6. I think it will be a crossfit total. There goes my ranking progress!

    • wow, I predict you’ll be doing just fine! And I was worried about possible chest to bar pull ups. 🙂 I do appreciate it’s an AMRAP, and not one to be underestimated.

      • This one is going to be ridiculous. Jeff can you bring in some buckets so I can puke while I try and complete a round of this. That turn out at the bottom the MU’s is going to kill me.

  7. did this workout at home
    8 lb med ball
    jumping pull-ups
    11min 18 sec
    tried with blue band but couldnt do it

  8. 6:57 Rx’d

  9. 17:something
    14# med (rxd)
    red band pu’s – tore my 2nd round but toughed it out and finished the wod

  10. Nice work everyone. Sarah, Great job getting through all the reps!

  11. 8:38, but I did pushups instead of pullups due to elbow

    • Good job being patient with the elbow while still putting in some good hard work. (the hard work as capable will help in healing by both bloodflow and strengthing the supporting muscles)

      I’m not as patient sometimes and pay the price for it. Brad’s been a great example of being patient and showing the benefit. He had a GREAT time today, yet this is only the ?second? WOD with pull ups he’s done in months and still had great pull up ability due to the patience+hard work he’s put in.

      • thanks Shawn! It’s tough to stay patient, in fact I tried doing a couple of pullups and the elbow almost immediately complained. Then I tried ring rows, but those hurt too. So I had to go to pushups.

    • If you practice your WWE flying elbow T-bird, it will help workout the pain. CRACK INTO A SLIM-JIM!

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