April 14th, 2011


I’m a big fan of practicing moderation in all things. What does that look like in relation to CrossFit and eating real food? Why is it important?

Post thoughts to comments.

Behind the neck Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


3 rounds for time of:

10 forward rolls

7 skin the cats

10 cartwheels

Post time to comments



31 Responses

  1. Whoa!

  2. SKIN THE CAT!!! Do I dare ask hahaha… This one sounds exciting. C’yall tomorrow.

  3. Looks like she has legs coming out of her torso… Where can I get a spray tan like that?

    • Jay– I can’t EVER remember my password to share my profound thoughts on your blog. I love your Blake video, it’s fun to watch others move. Also happy birthday, Avery! Good luck starting the preteen years.

  4. Not a pretty thing to see 1st thing in the morning – uggg, she is scary.
    Kind of bummed I’m going to miss this wod, you know I love the cartwheels – I will be hanging with Brandie tonight.

  5. Rest day…but looks fun!

  6. Scariest picture ever! Truly frightening.

    Say Hi to Brandi Kris. I’d like to know how she’s feeling after the surgery.

  7. …….mommy

  8. JV- can I get the website for fhe jump ropes please?

    This picture is like a train wreck……Can’t……..not…….look……..

  9. Which way to the gun show?

    Workout was fun this morning.

  10. Walked into the gym 2 seconds (and just missed seeing it live) after Jim put on a crazy max pull-ups display of 42 pull-ups in a row!!!

    Wow! Nice work Jim. You have been improving by leaps and bounds lately!

  11. Moderation- Even in the midst of training for the regional I try and keep this in mind. I am not making a living doing this. It has to fit in its proper place on a long list of things that are more important, yet at the same time I love the fitness I gain and I really love it as a sport. Something I am constantly trying to remember. As for food. Finding balance is key. You have to go for what gives you the desired result, and is still sustainable. I also throw in the fact that I am setting an example for my kids so I don’t want to teach them to eat crap, but at the same time I don’t want them obsessing about food choices. It too needs to find its proper place in the list of priorities.

    Jim’s 42 pull ups…sickness.

    Jump ropes…www.buyjumpropes.net


  12. I do have a couple thoughts about Crossfit, eating Paleo/Primal and a little moderation –

    Today is my 7 month anniversary at CFS. In that time I have become the fittest I have been in my life (even in my 20’s!). I am doing things on a daily basis I cannot even believe. I think the first three months were a break (down) in period for me. My body had no idea what was going on. Then I decided after the new year to start converting over to a Paleo/Primal diet, and that is when I really felt everything changing. My energy level was up, my mood was more even keeled, and I started to see a string of PR’s appear in my daily workouts. I have lost 15 lbs in strict weight YTD, and more then that has been converted to muscle. Physical change is not the only thing…my mental game is better too.

    I think all of these things are directly coorelated to Moderation. I am constantly work ing on moderation in my daily diet. Not suffering, but reminding myself (as Jeff says) to eat when hungry, and stop when satisfied. Food is more a fuel now to me then an event…well, most days :-).

    I am working out most weeks 5 days, but making sure I am resting too. It is hard to stay away on rest day…but I remind myself that that is part of working out too.

    Moderation to me means that I remember family and life is what means the most, and my all around health allows me to be the best participant in that life. Crossfit and eating write has become a big part of that.

    Thank you CFS!

  13. Off subject. . . but, Charity – are you competing this year? And I’ve been watching for your name Jeff. Nice job 🙂

  14. 110#
    This is my lift people, I felt solid!

    7:28 on the bonus WOD.

    • and DUx13 double check for yesterday and today. Is the cult still around, or is it on the dl?

  15. Ben,
    Well said!

    Good to hear from you. How are you? I saw your post. So I’ll answer. She is not. Not up for it at this time. Still puts killer times up though!


  16. I wish that I could have signed my name to Ben’s comments because he summed up alot of what I was thinking.
    One of the first things people ask me about Crossfit is “How much does it cost”? Maybe the thought is that the more you pay the better the results. All I know is that the other gym that I was going to for about 5 yrs cost around $50.00 a month. I put in way more time and didn’t get near the results.
    The Crossfit WOD’s, nutrition,outsanding trainers and the wonderful people that I’ve met makes it hard to put it all into moderation because I enjoy it all so much.
    I have to admit that the thought of moderation is sometimes hard for me. If my body (or my daughter Amy) didn’t tell me to slow down I wouldn’t..

    Just hope that guy/gal?in the picture lays off the caffeine.

  17. 165 lbs

    7:36 rx’d

  18. The second definition of moderation is what currently applies best in my life; the act of making something less violent or extreme. The little things that I can keep routine in my day to day life are what help smooth out the extreme’s for me. Starting my day off as if I have a job to go to helps keep things stable, and me in the proper frame of mind. Also sticking to my diet when its hardest, like when nothing is going the way you plan, those are the little things that help moderate me.

    Its easy to get in grooves with food, schedules, and ideas that aren’t moderated. Moderation is never a perfectly stable place, I now see, if you’re not fighting to balance out overdoing it, then you’re fighting off the urge towards laziness, such is my current battle. Its a pendulum that keeps us on our toes and so long as we have something like crossfit we can stay on our feet.

    Ben your results have been absolutely impressive by the way, i get a little happy every time I see that you have a six pack now…no homo.

  19. Thx for Avery’s Bday wishes Andrea! As far as remembering your password… get wit it girl! LMAO!

    One of my female clients made your bread this week… can I say “YOUNG MONEY!” I like it as a dessert bread more than eggs on toast myself, like with Almond butter & a fruit spread,,, It’s a great primal substitute for sure!

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