April 20th, 2011

CrossFit Games Update

Well the next to last WOD for the games is in and it looks to be 20 minutes of pain. Check it out here. This will be our class WOD on Friday. We will try and have as many of our competitors do it that day as possible. If you are competing in the Sectional and cannot do it that day please contact one of our coaches to schedule a time to complete the WOD.



Post loads to comments.


For time:

Row 1k

175 AbMat sit ups

Post time to comments.


12 Responses

  1. Deadlift 1×405
    definitely not PR, but I’m ok with it as today is more of an active rest and skills work day for me.

    DU Day 40: DUx20

    just wanted to give some props to Helen. She’s been coming very consistently for weeks now, never complains a bit about the work or scaling, and gets the most out of it. Exciting times coming as she’ll start repeating those same movements and will see the gains! (that, and she’s done it all while hanging out with what’s become the morning boy’s club, we lost all of our other ladies; andrea? marie? marg?)

    • good Helen example (if I remember it right): Jeff said “….then 175 abmat sit-ups” and believe Helen had a nice casual “oh, ok” and then proceeded to do 175 abmat sit ups

  2. I echo Shawn on Ellen’s embracing the 5:30 crew – keep up the great work. Amazing things are on the horizon! Sorry I missed this morning. Coming this afternoon, but won’t be the same. See you tomorrow

  3. 300lb deadlift

    11:10 rx’d

  4. 205# DL

    13:13 rx’d

  5. Really wanted to be here for deadlift day but if I didn’t take the day off by not coming I was going to push too hard.
    Nice work shawn

  6. Also, nice job to Brad for tearing throw those situps like a madman. Thanks for reminding “the toms” to do our 5 burpees of shame too…… 😉

  7. DL #365 (failed @ 375 & 370
    WOD – 12:16 Rx

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