May 23rd, 2011

Five rounds for time of:
95 pound Thruster, 15 reps
15 Bar-facing burpees
Post time to comments


6 Responses

  1. 18:28 Rx Thrusters are tough, but burpee’s went smoother today.

    Great job Shawn and rest of 5:30!

  2. I have to agree with Shawn except in reverse. Those burpee’s will take the wind out of you.


  3. 12:53 Rx’d

    I love/hate the challenge of the burpees not giving your legs a proper rest for the thrusters. I think it forces you to try to be more efficient on the burpees.

    Great efforts all around to start the week right… Ben cranking out the last reps at max effort… Ellen putting even more weight on the bar…. all around!

  4. 21:06 rx’d. Not an AnnieS WOD! I walked into it thinking it would take me at least 40 mins to get through, so I was happy it was actually less.

    Shawn I don’t even know how you did it that fast, although I’ve heard you can thruster all day!

    John, thanks for the pointers before. I broke the thrusters up a lot, maybe too much but I finished without wanting to puke or cry, so your strategy was helpful.

  5. Thanks for the hospitality JV! Burpees & Thrusters have never been more fun : )

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