May 26th, 2011



Bar must be taken from the ground.

Post load to comments.


Establish a max freestanding handstand. You may walk or move around to keep your balance. If you are still working on getting up on the wall establish a max hold against the wall. If you are not going upside down yet. Work on forward rolls on the gymnastics mat and max ring support.

Post results to comments.


5 Responses

  1. Thruster 1RM: 210

    the nice clean movement probably died at about 195, then some press out finished the movements.

    Handstand hold: 5ish seconds. Finally not feeling totally alien to be upside down.

  2. Thruster 1RM: 187

    Handstands hold was somewhere around 5 seconds or so. Nice change of pace today.

  3. Shawn,
    As you reach max loads on the thruster there should be press out. If there wasn’t it wouldn’t be a max. on the jerk movements and on the snatch there shouldn’t be a press out. In those cases it would mean that you are not re-dipping under the bar efficiently. In the thruster there is no re-dip. It is very similar to a push press in that regard. Nice work!

    Sandie- Nice work getting upside down against the wall for the first time. Handstand push ups are on the way!


  4. Thruster 1rm: 190 a bit shaky, and wobbly but pressed it out.

    Hand stand hold: 6 sec practicing on the wall then kicking off before doing it free was key.

  5. Thruster 1 RM: 85#, which is when the ole shoulders started feeling it. Kinda annoying because the weight wasn’t really the issue.

    John thanks for all the thruster form talk, the thing that finally clicked for me was the visual of not popping out of the hole, but popping my hips at the top. I’ve been hearing it for almost 2 years and from 3 trainers. Finally, I got it.

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