June 7th, 2011

Kerstin Kulseth

Hey all you sore and tight CFers out there. Let’s talk about recovery just a little bit. At CFS we do lots of good stuff for movement prep and for recovery. We stretch, we roll on the foam roller and we roll on the lacrosse balls, but sometimes there is just no substitute for well trained, strong human hands. Enter Kerstin Kulseth, Licenced Massage Therapist, specializing in sports performance and injury recovery. I can tell you the girl’s got skills! Talk to Brooke, Ryan and Brandie and they will tell you the same thing. A couple great things about her, beyond her skills, she travels and she takes most insurances. That’s right she comes to you. She hauls her portable massage table right into your house and goes to work. The beauty of this is the appointment literally takes one hour. No drive time! She will also most likely take your insurance if you have a massage benefit. If you are not sure if you have this benefit or not you can call your insurance to find out or you can call Kerstin and she can help you figure it out. Her number is 206-890-7876. Give her a call and set up your first appointment. Tell her I referred you!

2011 CrossFit Games Regional Workout 1

For time:
Run 1000 meters
30 Handstand push-ups
Row 1000 meters

Post time to comments.


11 Responses

  1. 17:23 Rx – HSPU were the slowdown, but good WOD!
    great job 5:30!

  2. 13:56 scaled — 1 abmat HSPU (2/28)

    heck of a great run with Jim and Ben for the 1000m. Was a really great pack push. I’ve never seen Jim run so fast!

    Really happy with my result. Not because it’s any admirable athletic feat, but because it was just about the best I could do with what I have today.

  3. 10:23 time for Jim Ruiz with 23 HSPUs in a row! Wow! Nice work Jim! All hail the the handstand push-up king!

  4. Nice work Jim.

  5. Ben, did you model your nice manicured, sensitive white collar hands for the blog yesterday?

  6. before crossfit?

  7. Go 5:30 with your smack talk!

    16:40 rx’d. I got 4 and I was pretty excited, I can’t imagine 23!!

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