A Baller Fridge

This week’s featured fridge has a lot to be proud of. Check out those pink canning jars, that’s what I want!

Describe your household:
1 adult, 2 children under 12

Where do you grocery shop?
TJ’s – Everett Co-Op – Haggens – Safeway

How much money do you spend a week on groceries?
$150 a week

Do you shop as needed or plan a weekly or even monthly menus?
Shop as needed

What’s your most exciting item in your fridge?
Gluten Free Cerveza & Siracha!

What’s the most embarrsing item in your fridge?
Not embarrassed of anything!

What’s most likely to spoil in your fridge?
My veggies : (

What kinds/cuts of meat do you have in your fridge right now?
Flank steak, ground sausage, smoked salmon, ground Lamb, cod

Anything else you want to share regarding your fridge, grocery shopping, or family’s eating habits.
Constant battle getting my kids 2 eat Protein!!!! Bain of my existence!!!!

Whose fridge is it? Post answers to comments!

Happy Father’s Day!
Eat well, Friends,


5 Responses

  1. Could it be J-ro?

  2. Twin Brooks Creamery chocolate milk = yum!

  3. Just went down to check the fridge.. it’s not ours. We have no idea but Betty is very impressed with the canned foods.

  4. And the winner is….ding,ding,ding….Charity Vale! How’d you guess that so easily?

    Brad, I love that fact that you checked your fridge!

  5. I forgot to mention who J-Ro is for those who don’t know: owner of the best CF box in Lake Stevens, CrossFit All In (crossfitallin.com), and is breaking off a new limb in the JV scoby baby lineage (hence, the pink jars).

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